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These 3 breathing exercises for weight loss will reduce belly fat sitting at home

Breathing exercises are easy to do. It is better to keep yourself foot by doing some exercise than doing nothing sitting at home.

If your belly fat has increased by sitting at home during the Corona period, then do not worry, because today we will tell you some easy pranayama that you can reduce belly fat by doing at home. Belly fat is considered the most stubborn. When you think of losing weight, then belly fat is the first thing to reduce, but if you exercise regularly then the body will not store extra energy. And this will keep both your body and mind fit. Doing Pranayama also helps in reducing belly fat. But keep in mind that if you want good results then exercise the whole body daily.

If there is a problem in doing pranayama sitting, then you can do it lying down also. If there is a pain in the back or there is any other problem, then you can also do it by leaning on the wall. While doing pranayama, if there is numbness or any other problem in the feet, then by opening the legs, you can start the pranayama again.

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Breathing exercises to reduce belly fat:


By doing Kapalbhati, our abdominal muscles become strong. This makes it possible to reduce our belly fat and increase our metabolic rate. Kapalbhati in which  Kapal means forehead and Bhati means glow. This means that this asana brings a glow to the face. Apart from this, it is helpful in reducing belly fat. Women are often worried about belly fat. They can do this breathing exercise.

How to do Kapalbhati:

  • To do this sit with your waist and neck straight and if you are lying down, you can practice it while lying down.
  • First of all, take a long deep breath in.
  • After this, try to bring the navel closer to the spine while exhaling rapidly. This is our stroke. Do this 30-60 times.
  • And after one round is over, exhale thrice a long deep breath in, and thrice in.
  • Do the second round with the fourth long deep breath and thus practice it for 3 – 5 rounds.

Precautions :

  • Heart disease patients and high BP patients should not do Kapalbhati.

Bhastrika Pranayama

Bhastrika Pranayama

As its name suggests, Bhastrika means rapid inhalation and outflow of breath like a blacksmith’s bellows. And while doing this pranayama, there should be a rapid sound in the breath while exhaling and while taking it. Our metabolic rate increases with Bhastrika Pranayama. As a result of this, our body spends non-essential energy. This helps in reducing belly fat. Two main exercises have been given for doing this.

The first method of doing Bhastrika Pranayama:

  • First, bend your elbows and bring your hand near the shoulder and close your fist.
  • While inhaling, take your hand up towards the sky, and while exhaling bring the hand back to the same position.
  • Repeat this pranayama 20-40 times.

Second method of Bhastrika Pranayama:

  • Keep your hands on your knees.
  • Keep the waist and neck straight.
  • Then the breath has to be inhaled rapidly and exhaled rapidly. Do this 20-40 times.
  • And now place your first two fingers on the forehead and while keeping your left nostril closed with your last two fingers, slowly inhale through the right nostril.
  • Then keeping your right nostril closed, exhale through the left nostril. It’s been a round.


  • Do this pranayama according to the capacity of your body.
  • Patients with high BP and Heart patients should not practice it.

Belly breathing

Belly breathing

This pranayama increases the efficiency of digestion. You can do this even after having a meal. Youngsan University Research, a South Korean university, did research in which it came out that doing belly breathing also increases the metabolic rate. Which helps in reducing body fat. This is effective pranayama to reduce belly fat.

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How to do Belly Breathing:

  • First of all, fill the breath in through the nose and try to expand your stomach as much as possible.
  • While exhaling, let the stomach naturally go inwards.
  • There is no harm in doing this exercise. Anyone can do this asana anytime.
  • This pranayama can be done anytime throughout the day.

Breathing exercises are easy to do. It is better to keep yourself fit by doing some exercise than doing nothing sitting at home.

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