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How to Write Successful CDR Report For Chemical Engineering?

Chemical engineering deals with the crucial tasks of production and manufacture of various products through chemical processes. They work on researching, planning, creating, and adopting adequate procedures for the manufacture of chemicals, fuels, drugs, synthetics, food, etc.

Chemical engineering is undeniably a challenging career and the demand for the domain is high in various industries. Qualified engineers who plan to migrate and work in Australia can get a skilled visa by submitting an exceptional CDR report for EA. Below is a detailed explanation of how you can prepare a successful CDR report for Chemical Engineering as per suggested by Engineers Australia!

CDR Report Sample Structure for Chemical Engineer

According to Engineers Australia (EA) guidelines, a CDR report must compile all the vital elements including the Curriculum Vitae, Three Career Episodes, Summary Statement, and the CPD (Continuing Professional Development):

Curriculum Vitae

The curriculum vitae for Chemical engineers compile the author’s personal profile, educational history, and employment history. The CV should follow a professional format and comprise all the necessary information about the relevant projects and responsibilities carried out by the author.

Career Episode Samples

The career episodes for Engineers Australia samples are based on the recent work experience of the engineering applicant. Career episodes are divided into three episodes that describe the projects carried out by the engineer. Each of these should be in a professional format and follow the English language. There are four sections to career episodes which are as follows:


The introduction part is usually 50 to 100 words long describing:

  • The name of your employer and the location of the worksite
  • Your position and core responsibility in the company
  • The dates, time, duration, and venue of the project


The background section should be around 200 to 500 words including:

  • The nature and purpose of the engineering projects
  • The environment of your worksite
  • An organizational chart highlighting your position

Personal Engineering Activities

This section can be around 500 to 1000 words and should include:

  • A detailed explanation of the tasks/work you carried out
  • Technical information on the project you accomplished
  • Explanation of how you applied your engineering knowledge/skills to your projects
  • The tasks assigned to you and how you accomplished them
  • Specific engineering issues occurred and how you solved them
  • Any original ideas, creative designs, or strategies you worked with
  • Your experience with other team members.

Summary Statement

This summary statement in a  CDR report is around 50 to100 words in length. This section must comprise the engineering knowledge, skills, abilities, and professional and personal traits, in chemical engineering.

The summary statement section includes the following details:

  • Summary of the whole project you accomplished
  • A detailed explanation of how you successfully achieved the project considering its goals and needs.
  • The contribution of your role to the projects

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Sample

The CPD list in the CDR report must include the author’s engineering qualifications, skills, work experience, professional/non-professional courses, and more. Also include the activity, date, and time of the project.

It should compile the details like:

  • Any undergraduate/postgraduate courses you applied for or completed.
  • Individual research in magazines, books, etc.
  • Any volunteer work, mentoring, etc attained relevant to your engineering field
  • Conferences or workshops attended
  • The research papers you have submitted.
  • Presentation materials for publications, seminars, or any short courses.
  • Personal identification documents


CDR skill assessment is one of Australia’s top CDR Writing Services for Engineers Australia providers. We are known to offer our clients the best CDR services through our highly skilled writing experts in engineering. Our website provides free CDR samples for all engineering disciplines. You can surely use the samples available online for reference purposes, but when preparing your own CDR report, make sure you write one of their own.

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