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Snail Coloring Pages: 20 Free Printable Drawings

Snail Coloring Pages: 20 Free Printable Drawings

Free printable snail coloring pages for your children. To print a snail coloring page, you just have to click on an image, it will then open in a Pop-Up window and you will just have to click on the printer!

After the snail coloring, the little story

In an old wood, where the trees hide the sun, and the ground is covered with moss, stumps, and logs, ferns, and toad droppings, lives the little snail. He can’t run as fast as his neighbor the lizard, but he’s doing his best. He does not have a private house, but walks around looking for his dinner and usually spends the night nearby. Like a soldier, he carries his tent on him, always on his back. For his meal he likes a certain type of leaf with flower; it goes up the rod and clings to the smooth, firm edges, making a delicious meal. One day, while having fun with a snail coloring, he heard a voice; he was so scared he almost lost his balance. He listened. Two squirrels were talking loudly and a little bird sat next to it, writing a note now and then.

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“You’re nobody,” said the bigger squirrel, very angry.
“I didn’t think of stealing them,” the other replied timidly.
“Better not to try again! My name is Lord Gray. You don’t have a name. ”
The squirrel moved away and the snail continued its walk, wondering what it could be called. He could hardly sleep that night. The next morning he was hungry, and while searching for breakfast, he fell on a large stone, crawling on it, instead of going around. Suddenly something hit him and he forgot to run home. he walked a little and found himself on one hand; it stuns him to be so far from the ground. A beautiful little girl with blue eyes and yellow curls had taken him in his hand and he heard her say: “Oh! What a beauty! Let’s bring him home as a pet. ” When she got home, she put it on the window sill, where three eyes were staring at it.
“Now, what do we call it?” Alice said. “Surely he must have a name. What do you think of Helix? ”

“It’s a pretty name”, said his brother, who was doing a snail coloring page.; “And as you named him, I will give him a place to live.” He prepared a large saucepan with foam and moistened it to keep it cool. The snail was delighted with its name and the children fed it delicious salad every day. So he was happy in his new home. They had other snails, named Jack and Fayette, but Helix was their pet and every day he walked on Alice’s hand. One day, little Alice went out on horseback and didn’t have time to put Helix away, but left him on the windowsill under a glass. Around noon the sun shone through the window; It was so hot that Helix bared his horns, as far as he could, for some fresh air. It was getting hotter and hotter, and the poor little one couldn’t breathe and died. When Alice got home, she found him lying down and poured him cold water. It didn’t help. Alice mourned the loss of her pet and felt sorry for being so careless. Her brother took a picture of Helix and put it away with the shell, which was no longer golden but white.

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