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Benefits and method of Shirshasana for hair

Benefits of Shirshasana for Hair: When it comes to yoga, one posture is always mentioned and that is “Shirshasana”. Shirshasana is the best of all asanas and almost all parts of the body get its benefits.  The benefits of Shirshasana are so great that after knowing them, you too will start practicing Shirshasana from today itself.

By the way, all Yogasanas are beneficial for some part of the body or for disease. But there are very few asanas that benefit the whole body, the name of a Shirshasana also comes in some such asanas.

The benefits of Shirshasana are for the parts from head to toe, especially for hair, the benefits of this asana are excellent. Therefore, if you want to become a master of yoga, then you must learn the correct practice of Shirshasana.

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Benefits of Shirshasana:

The benefits of Shirshasana are as follows.

1. Benefits of Shirshasana for hair –

This asana is considered a very good posture for hair. By doing this asana, the flow of blood reaches the head well, due to which the hair gets nourishment. Common hair problems like hair fall, hair breakage, premature graying of hair, etc., if practiced in the right way on a regular basis, end and the hair becomes healthier, stronger, thicker, and longer.

2. Benefits of Shirshasana for Face

When you practice this asana Yoga, during this time the flow of blood in the body is more towards the face and brain because you practice Shirshasana by standing on the floor on your head. In such a situation, when the blood flow in the skin is fast, then the skin becomes soft, beautiful, and glowing. By doing this yoga asana, the body gets protein, due to which the face starts glowing. There are many other health benefits of doing this asana.

3. To Lose Weight

Shirshasana mudra is considered very effective to reduce the advantages of this asana to the body. By doing this regularly, unwanted fat gets removed from the body. 

4. To reduce stress

Some people continue to lead a life with extreme stress. Headrests can be a great help for such people. This asana is actually considered very useful in reducing stress. Therefore, to stay tension-free, do Shirshasana yoga.

5. For Diabetes

Shirshasana mudra can be helpful in giving relief from diabetes. It helps your body metabolize blood sugar. The increased blood flow around the head helps to increase pancreatic function. It improves the metabolism of sugar in the blood.

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How to do Shirshasan Yoga –

By the way, at first, people are afraid of practicing this asana. But if you know how to do it, then it can be practiced very easily. And to get the most out of this yoga, it is necessary to do it with the right method. Here you are being told simple ways of Shirshasan.

  • First of all, sit in front of your yoga mat.
  • Now interlock your fingers and place your head on them.
  • Slowly raise your legs with the help of interlocked fingers and try to straighten them.
  • Now take the entire weight of the body on the interlocked fingers and head.
  • Stay in this position for some time and then slowly bring the feet down by bending the knees.
  • It was a cycle.

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