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6 Different Types of Case Studies You Must Be Aware of before Writing!

A case study requires extensive investigation, which aids students in developing their research abilities. It helps a student in numerous ways, where a pupil discovers new insights and builds an art of engaging customers through stories. Working on such projects enables a scholar to synthesize information coherently. It overall assists a student in their educational and professional career. Pupils sometimes require case study helpin USA as they are unaware of how and what to write in their papers. Many students write a case study before even knowing its types. The case study requires critical thinking and strong decision-making power. Before writing, it is essential to know the various case study forms to comprehend the criteria. A scholar cannot state whatever comes to their mind before getting familiar with the guidelines and rules of a specific case study. Every case study involves different practices, and it is essential to set a benchmark before writing. This article includes six different types of case studies in detail.

Six Types of Case Studies You Must Know

A case study means writing in detail about a person, event, group, location, or organization. The case study can be divided into the following categories:

  • Instrumental Case Study
  • Intrinsic Case Study
  • Explanatory Case Study
  • Exploratory Case Study
  • Collective Case Study
  • Descriptive Case Study

Instrumental Case Study

An instrumental case study conducts research to gain insights on a particular topic. For example, a researcher wanting to write about children’s obesity rates might put valid statements in the case study by seeking information from the students or exercise programs. The point to note here is that children and exercise both are not a topic of concern. Instead, key factors would be the facts responsible for making children obese. This type of case study is prevalent in the medical and psychology fields. The reports of the Instrumental case study analyze phenomena rather than focusing on the primary subject. 

Intrinsic Case Study

The primary interest in an Intrinsic case study is the subject itself or a unique individual. The main emphasis is on getting to know the person better while delving deep into their past to see how they interact with their environment. Basically, examining the main focus from the perspective of the environment is an essential element required to write this

type of case study. The main fields of an intrinsic case study are psychology, healthcare, and social work. Intrinsic case study sometimes involves studying groups close to a researcher. As a university student, you have to do other projects. In this situation, you can turn to an assignment helper for assistance.

Explanatory Case Study

The explanatory case study focuses on explaining a question or a phenomenon. You should be able to prove why 1+1= 2.

A case study with an individual or a group cannot be explanatory because the behavior of humans is variable. Event case studies are descriptive. Every time an incident occurs, a justification must be there to establish what caused it. This case study involves clarification and details regarding the event’s impact. The best example to describe such a case study is: An automobile fails to run effectively on an icy road because of faulty brakes. The reason involves a series of crashes that lead to the failure of brakes.

Exploratory Case Study

Before beginning a comprehensive study, a main project is to undertake an exploratory case study.This kind of case study demonstrates the necessity of further investigation. Political science and psychology are two common fields for these case studies. Real-world issues and circumstances are the main point of emphasis.

For example, veterans who come home are more likely to suffer from PTSD( Post-traumatic stress disorder). The researcher knows that war incidences or actions are the reasons for PTSD. In an exploratory case study, the researcher concludes that specific combat incidents cause PTSD. Once such causes are known, a large-scale project will be able to determine the main events behind PTSD.

Collective Case Study

Collective or multiple case study summarises different past studies to conclude rather than spending money on new investigations. It is a form of data analysis. Instrumental case reports can also be the foundation, as this case study involves data collection from diverse sources. It helps to spot the pattern between multiple instrumental reports. Also, a researcher can identify the differences in similar types of cases. It aids a researcher in grasping the topic in depth. It also helps to brainstorm and figure out the concept from diverse contexts. The example of a collective case study is taking into account the PTSD issue again. Studies of different wars- the Persian Gulf Wars, WW2 vets, and Vietnam vets help a researcher to examine and sample which wartime activities are the most likely to cause PTSD.

Descriptive Case Study

You can write a descriptive case study with the help of an existing hypothesis. Such a study seeks to establish a link between the topic and a theory. Once there is a connection, a course is complete. The results of a descriptive case study tell how to expand the belief further. A descriptive report uses quantitative data to research any particular topic in-depth. You may not be able to attend college regularly, but seeking case study help online can be the best solution.

You can be assigned any of these case studies. It is essential to have information regarding every case study to get well-versed with all the guidelines. If any such case study is a part of

your college project, you can seek case study help in USA. A case study means investigating the obstacle, examining the alternative solutions, and proposing the most effective answers. Case study experts ensure to understand your topic to deliver quality information. Their prime focus is highlighting the issues and crucial steps to cope with troubles. A case study specialist follows the criteria and works according to the case study assigned.


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