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What are Technical IT Expert and their role in ASI assessments in an organization??

Technical IT Expert

1. What is a technical expert?

A Technical IT Expert is a person who has specialized knowledge or expertise that can help the ASI assessment team understand an organization, activity, or process. They may also be able to provide insights into language, local conditions, and culture.

An expert in the field does not make decisions or deductions. The ASI Lead Assessor provides instructions which are then followed by the IT Expert, who record their observations.

Note: A Local Expert is someone with intimate knowledge of a particular area, who can provide guidance and IT support and managed services. The expert conducting the assessment does not necessarily need to be a national of the country where the assessment is taking place, but they must be familiar with the domain being assessed.

2. What are the primary responsibilities of a technical expert?

Depending on the assessment’s type (compliance or witness) and scope, common roles usually include:

  • Before and during the assessment, gather all applicable documents and information, such as legislation, guidelines, reports, etc.
  • During the ASI team’s field visit, I took consulting notes that included information on who we interviewed, where we went, what we observed, problems the CAB team identified, etc.

The following questions are to be asked during interviews when assessing witnesses:

  • Consulting with external stakeholders who are relevant to the field assessment, either before or during the assessment.
  • The CAB audit team interviews stakeholders during the audit process in order to gain a deeper understanding of the organization.

The following are interviews that will be conducted during the compliance assessment:

  • After the ASI Lead Assessor provides instruction, interviews will be conducted with various stakeholders including representatives of the certificate holder or their employees.
  • The Technical IT Expert may be asked to aid in translation or lead some of the interviews based on language or cultural aspects.
  • The Lead assessor may assign other tasks as part of the assessment, but these additional tasks should only be non-decision making.

3. Will experts need to be present for the entire assessment?

Yes, In certain cases, ASI technical experts may choose to consult with or interview stakeholders without an assessor being present. This can take place either before or during the onsite assessment. Technical experts always follow the instructions provided by the Lead assessor, but they are not acting as assessors themselves. Based on the observations from interviews or consultations, technical experts will report back to the Lead assessor. This information is what the Lead assessor uses to make final decisions and raise any findings if necessary.

4. Can ASI staff act as certified Technical IT Expert?

ASI occasionally employs its assessors and trainees as technical or local experts. However, they masquerade as experts rather than conducting themselves impartially. The fieldworkers return the gathered information to the lead assessor, who then makes decisions and identifies issues.

Does ASI offer help to those with Technical IT Expert?

Yes. ASI gives its “Briefing notes for technical experts” to new employees at the start of their working relationship with ASI. This guidance provides terms of reference that clarify the role of the technical expert within an assessment team. It is based on best practices and ISO 19011 provisions.

5. At what point during a project are Technical IT Expert brought in?

The CAB (Customer Advisory Board) is introduced to the technical expert during the assessment scheduling stage, especially when the Technical IT Expert needs to consult with any relevant stakeholders before the onsite assessment.

The ASI Lead Assessor will introduce the assessment team to you during the opening meeting when they come to your site. This method covers the responsibilities of each team member, ranging from observers and trainees to professional experts and translators.

Professional IT Consulting Services conducting stakeholder consultations or targeted interviews have the responsibility of introducing themselves and explaining the part of the process they are performing, as per instructions from the ASI lead assessor.

6. Do you need to be a tech expert to produce or contribute to assessment reports?

Yes. After the onsite assessment, our team of technical experts are responsible for producing a report that covers everything they observed during their analysis and adheres to the provided guidance document.

7. How can ASI ensure confidentiality if we don’t directly employ technical experts?

ASI will not allow any experts to begin working with us until they sign a confidentiality agreement. This agreement contains explicit confidentiality clauses that must be followed. The guidance document also provides information about how to keep confidential any information obtained from the assessments.

8. What is the potential for conflict of interest?

Any potential or actual conflicts of interest (COI) must be declared by technical experts to the CAB and CH before taking on work related to accreditation, or as soon as the situation arises.

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