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Blossoming Buds all the way to Bangalore

Sending Flowers to Bangalore

Gifting plays an enormous role in our social life. They are a gesture of love expressed in the form of articles. Some of our gifts are formal, and some are informal. Some presents are given simply out of material considerations like gifting your boss or subordinate, and these gifts manage to be conventional. But, when it comes to gifting a present to our loved ones, we tend to be particular towards their likes and dislikes.

 Oyegifts.com is here to help with a hassle-free way to send flowers to Bangalore to your loved one’s doorstep.

Flowers are something that you can never go wrong with! A lovely arrangement of blossoms is a great gift for any event or holiday. You can choose the flowers they like the most, or you could go all out and create something entirely distinct. Flowers go with all moments from birthdays wishes to funeral sympathies, they help us, expressing all our sentiments. They are affordable and can never let you down. As every flower signifies some different emotion, so maybe keep that in mind before deciding the flowers.

Here are some ideas about buying flowers for your treasured ones in Bangalore:

  • Carnations:

    They signify love, particularly motherly love. They also represent protection and fascination. They make a perfect gift when it comes to a mother’s day celebration or your mother’s birthday. They are available in many shades like white, red, pink, etc., and each of these colors signifies something. White carnations show honesty and purity. Pink carnations represent a mother’s bright and infinite love. Red carnations are also often used to express genuine admiration and devotion. Moreover, they are available in different designs like long-stemmed, dwarfed, and sprayed.

  • Orchids:

    They are considered a symbol of love, exceptional grace, and luxury. They have a long history and come from the victorian era of England. They carry great medicinal importance with them as they have healing traits. Gifting orchids would signify vitality and strength. Cymbidium and Dendrobium are some of the most popular orchids and have many varieties of colors, including blue, red, pink, etc.

  • Lilies:

    Lilies are a semblance of purity & feminity. They make out to be a good gift for female partners and family members. Different colors of lilies express different emotions. Red lilies are a sign of love. Orange lilies represent confidence. Moreover, yellow lilies show happiness.

  • Tulips:

    Tulips show perfect and deep love because of their pristine formation and symmetry. Different colors of tulips signify numerous things. White tulips have a meaning of forgiveness and respect, so they make a good gift if you need to send that message. Victorians believe that yellow tulips mean that there is sunshine in your smile. Purple tulips show luxury and wealth.

  • Roses:

    They are one of the most liked flowers because of their elegance and appeal. They symbolize love and romance, and the red rose is considered ideal for romantic gestures. They are of great variety, so you have many to choose from, like Avalanche roses, Miss Piggy Roses, La Bella Roses, etc.

  • Blended Bouquets:

    Mixing bouquets are a great way to increase the appeal of fantasy and the aroma of flowers. We cater to a wide variety of mixed bouquets to choose from.

Here is why you should choose OyeGifts.com for sending flowers:
  • Our online store offers you a wide variety of freshly sourced, handpicked blossoms from leading florists with more than enough types of arrangments and styles. Carnations in a basket, swirling body of roses, heart-shaped roses with chocolates, or a beautiful throne of lilies, you name it, we have it.
  • You can also mix and match flowers using chocolates, plush toys, sweets, dry fruits, champagne, and cakes of all sorts.
  • You can also color coordinate the flowers according to your wishes, as you can select petals according to colors on OyeGifts.com. If you choose a red rose, choose a white or pink complement to the red flower.
  • If bouquets are too plain for you, we also offer exquisitely arranged flower vases. You can also add plants as they are trendy right now. A succulent or a lucky bamboo is a great way to express your interest in their fitness and lifestyle.
  • Forgot a crucial occasion? Do not worry, as we are here to save the day. You would be able to get your flowers delivered in time for the celebration as we offer secure payment and trustworthy midnight or same-day delivery highlights.

Buying flowers with our online store eliminates your energy to go out and pick out a good florist as we offer it all with the click of a button. You don’t have to go to great lengths to select the right flowers for your cherished one, now.

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