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Why is Kava Called a Euphoric Drink?

Kava is often called a euphoric drink, and you may be wondering why that is. What makes kava so special that people use the word “euphoric” to describe it? Does it really offer that impactful a feeling? Much of the reason behind why kava is called a euphoric drink has a lot to do with compounds that make up kava itself. These are called kavalactones. There are several types of kavalactones in kava, and they interact with the brain in a variety of ways. As a result, it can bring about feelings that some describe as a calm joy. This is the same feeling that many people interpret as euphoria. Best of all, it’s something you can experience, too. All you have to do is grab some kava and give it a try. Here’s what you can expect from this unique euphoric drink.

A Plant Steeped in History

For centuries, kava has been cultivated on islands all over the South Pacific. You can find it in Fiji, Tonga, Hawaii, and many other island communities. As it’s been cultivated, it’s also been used as drinks for various rituals, ceremonies, and celebrations. What better way to celebrate a special occasion than with a euphoric drink? Many island cultures figured out just how potent kava could be. So, they dried the roots, powdered them, and added the powder to various drinks or made it into a tea specifically to experience its effects. It’s literally steeped in history! Even better, kava isn’t a habit forming drink. And it doesn’t have any negative side effects. Over the centuries, people have continued to enjoy kava and the positive vibes that come with it. Now, you can too!

Why Try a Euphoric Drink?

Are there benefits to trying a kava-based euphoric drink? Absolutely! Many people turn to this drink to achieve a calm state and embrace the feeling of joy that comes along with it. It can be a very positive experience. It’s a great drink to try when certain feelings may be missing from your day—or you begin to experience them less frequently than usual. We all live in a busy world, so time to feel joy and euphoria may come around less frequently than we like. It’s not necessarily a bad thing—it’s just about being realistic. When we have less time for things that bring us the most joy in life—relationships, travel, hobbies, and more—the good vibes can get lost in the mix. A kava drink gives you an opportunity to bring those feelings back into your life more frequently.

Kava Complements Your Current Lifestyle

No, drinking kava isn’t a way to replace the joy in your life! Think of it as a way to complement your current lifestyle. You deserve to feel that sense of joy even when you’re busy and have other things on your mind. Enjoy kava to unwind during the week. Or drink it with a group of friends during the weekend. It’s the perfect way to bring more positive vibes into your daily life when it may feel unbalanced. Kava can help you reconnect with some of the balance we all need. It’s all about encouraging calm when your life feels rushed. Or maybe you want to encourage a relaxed state of mind for a solid night of sleep. There are many different ways it can enhance your daily experiences. The bottom line is, as a euphoric drink, kava can help you move closer to that sense of balance.

About Botanic Tonics

Botanic Tonics is all about ancient plant solutions. This Southern California-based company is the maker of Feel Free Wellness Tonic, a drink made with kava and other ancient plants. Their drink pays homage to the long history of kava. For centuries, the plant has been grown throughout the South Pacific and East Asia. Numerous island cultures have enjoyed this drink in celebration and during social gatherings. Botanic Tonics offers their kava drink so you can enjoy its natural benefits in similar ways. Enjoy it as your weekly wind-down beverage. Grab a Feel Free Wellness Tonic as an alcohol alternative when spending time with friends. Its ability to boost vitality and focus also makes it an excellent choice when you’re looking to get important work done. For such a simple drink, it’s capable of so much!

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