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5 Handy Tips for your Mattress maintenance

Mattress maintenance, everyone knows it is essential, but it is often easier said than done. A good mattress is a significant investment, so it is good to keep it nice and clean for as long as possible. Dust, moisture, and wear all contribute to your mattress’s life. But what exactly should you do to avoid this? How do you maintain your mattress so that it extends its lifespan? There are three main elements for maintenance: protect, ventilate and rotate. In this blog, you can read everything there is to know about maintaining your mattress to dream on.

Tip 1: Extra hygiene with Mattress protection

Yes, you read that right. Maintaining your mattress does not start with the mattress itself but with what you do around it. The best thing to do is avoid as much wear and tear as possible. Anything you avoid now will make a difference in the long run. You can choose from several options when you want to protect the mattress. For example, you can use a mattress protector like a mattress storage bag. In case of moving, you should use a mattress moving cover to protect them. These protectors absorb the moisture and dirt that typically get into the mattress. These covers and protectors are made to be washed regularly and offer extra protection in addition to the regular bedding. You can get high-quality protective covers from Britwrap. They are providing the top protective packaging in the UK.

Tip 2: Avoid wear and tear with a mattress topper

If you want extra comfort and extra protection for the mattress, a top mattress is also a good choice. By placing an extra mattress on it, you prevent moisture, dirt, and wear and tear due to daily use. Unfortunately, a top mattress is often a lot less thick than your regular mattress, so a top mattress usually also has a shorter lifespan. Fortunately, replacing a topper is not nearly as expensive as a completely new mattress. Because it protects the life of the regular mattress, it can make a big difference. There are also washable mattress toppers, ideal if you want some extra hygiene.

Tip 3: Ventilation and fresh air

One of the best ways to keep your mattress fresh for as long as possible is to air bed. Did you know that a person loses an average of 120 liters of fluid per year while sleeping? It is also not surprising that this is not good for your mattress. Fortunately, the vast majority evaporates by itself. You can help with natural evaporation by airing your mattress daily. The best thing you can do is remove the duvet and air out the bedroom by opening your window slightly. This ensures fresh air circulation and moisture gets out of the mattress faster. Keeping it dry also reduces the chance that you will suffer from dust mites.

Tip 4: Turn and turn

Once a person is in bed for an average of 8 hours a day, it is possible that a slight pitting occurs naturally through your body. While this isn’t a big deal, you can shy away from the mattress’s resilience by turning it now and then. In principle, you do not need to turn a good quality mattress often. More than once a month is certainly not necessary. Turning is suitable for supporting your bed. It can also help with ventilation and hygiene. You do have to make sure that you turn the mattress in the right way. Some mattresses, such as memory foam, sometimes only have 1 side to sleep on. If you have a mattress with different zones, it is also good to make sure that you put it back in the right way.

Turn the mattress over once every three months. This can mean turning horizontally and/or vertically. First, check which ways your mattress can be turned because this is different for every mattress. When you turn on a mattress, you do not burden the same places on your mattress for a long time, but you distribute the pressure.

Tip: Use one side of the mattress every season. It is a great reminder to turn your mattress.

Tip 5: Remove as much dust as possible

Although you can’t put the mattress in the washing machine, that doesn’t mean you can’t clean it. Even if you don’t see any dirt, it is hygienic to go over it with the vacuum cleaner. For example, it is a good idea to vacuum your mattress regularly when you change the bedding. There is enough dust and dirt that you cannot see, so you prevent it from really nesting in the mattress. To protect the mattress’s cover, it is best to use a furniture nozzle. These are often just a bit softer for the surface.

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