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Top Tips For Relocating Your Car Properly

Car Relocation tips

A car is more than just a piece of machinery. It is a part of the family. When you decide to use vehicle-shifting to move your car to your new city, you shouldn’t be worried about its safety. The service should be reliable enough to deliver your car in the same condition you give it to the packers and movers. Here are Top 10 Car Relocating tips

Prepare your car for the shipping process

The foremost step you have to do for car relocation is to prepare your vehicle for transportation to ensure safe and efficient delivery. Dust off the dirt and wash your car thoroughly before you call the car packers and movers. This will help reduce any damage, scratches, and dents caused to the vehicle during the transit. This will help a ton in your car relocating process.

Finding the right transportation company

Choosing the right Car transportation company guarantees safety and security. A company with higher experience with transporting vehicles can take care of all your needs and take you through the formalities clearly. Finding the right and reliable packers and movers cuts your responsibility in half. Make sure when you speak with the Car transport company, you ask them the level of safety measures they take to secure the vehicle to the carrier. They will be taking all the necessary precautions to prevent their name from being tarnished, therefore, an assured safe and secure vehicle-shift for you.

Inspect and wash your vehicle

It is advantageous to get a vehicle professional involved in this process. If you are planning to just check it for yourself(car relocation tips), you are bound to miss something. Another benefit of this inspection – you would know the exact condition of your bike. Make sure you treat it with oil change, filter clean-up, and any other necessities. You will be moving to a new place and you should be able to drive your car without any mechanical hindrances. It would be tough to find a good mechanic in a new city


Inquire about the charge, mode of payment, and insurance

Each car packers and movers company has a different transportation policy and the expenditure varies accordingly. Therefore, check upon the budget, modes of payment, insurance coverage, and payment terms beforehand. Ask if there are any additional charges incurred besides the necessary shipping expense. The best way is to get quotes from multiple car shifting companies, compare, and decide. Also, don’t forget to get your car insurance done as it will cover the entire amount for the repair of your car in case of any damage or injury. Check for cancellation fees in case your plan gets changed or dropped suddenly and avoid penalization. Always demand the written contract before paying the advance token of money.

Take pictures of your vehicle

Click pictures of your vehicle from all the angles possible before you send it off to the Car transport company. This is an important step which cannot be skipped. These pictures will help you with an insurance claim if there is any damage to your vehicle. The pictures will help you hold the Car relocating company liable for the damages. So the pictures should reflect the condition of the vehicle when you hand it over to the company.

Get a written agreement

When you hand over your vehicle to the Car relocating company, make sure you get a written agreement signed by both you and the company. This will act as a proof of receipt and make sure they include in agreement about all the loose things bound to the car such as the wrench, spare tire, and jack; do not remove them from the vehicle. Double-check the spelling of your name and the destination. Ensure the charges they demand from you are properly stated in the agreement.

Choose and pack your things carefully

Since the storage space in your car is limited, you have to decide which items you will keep in the car carefully. Sort out your stuff before packing them in your car to make the car packing process simple. Use big, flexible plastic bags to pack your things and ultimately utilize the space in your car. Durable and clean plastic bags would be the perfect choice to pack your clothes and squeeze them into the tight spaces inside your vehicle

Never pay the full amount

You do not have to pay them the full amount at the time of signing the written agreement. A percentage of the total amount should suffice. Each Car transport company have their own down payment percentage but, generally, the range is between 10% and 25%.

These tips will rid you of your car-transportation worries. Get connected to the best car transport experts in your city.

I hope these tips helped you.

Happy Moving!


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