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Do get nail extensions ruin my nails

Nails are important. We use them as body accessories but we should take care of their health as well. It’s a good idea to go to ladies beauty salon and do nail extensions, but taking care of nails starts at home. If you don’t know how to take care of your nails and make them healthy you should definitely read this article. Nails are very small but very important parts of our bodies. They give us a very neat look. A lot of people match seasons with the colors of their nails, some prefer to match them with their moods, etc.

The beauty salon offers a wide range of services: nail extensions, gelish manicures and pedicures, etc. All of them are great if they are done by professionals. You can find a professional team in Nail Salon JVC. You feel differently when you have beautiful nails. But sometimes people look back and think if nail services like nail extensions or manicures are healthy or not. Sometimes they think that extensions will ruin the nails or Shellac will do some harm. So, let’s see if these consumptions are true or not.
Artificial nails can extend short nails, giving the appearance of long, slender fingers. They may be damaging to your nails as well.

Your natural nails’ surface needs to be filed down until it feels rough in order for acrylic nails to adhere. Your natural nails get thinner and weaker as a result. The skin around your nails and other areas of your body can become irritated by chemicals in the products used to apply artificial nails.
There are still more health issues to consider. You frequently need to soak artificial nails in acetone or file them off to remove them. In order to fill in the gaps that develop as your nails grow, touch-ups every two to three weeks are required if you plan to wear fake nails for longer than a few weeks. Your natural nails can be severely harmed by frequent touch-ups.

The process

Gel nail extensions are created by applying hard gel to a natural nail and curing it under UV light. To make the nail longer, the manicurist applies a nail form, which is a sticker that fits under the free edge of the nail.
The nail technician must first prepare the nails before either ordering a box of pre-shaped gel nail extensions or making them from scratch. After that, the professional places a form beneath the natural nail and adds gel builder, gel primer, and gel top coat one at a time, letting each one cure under an LED or UV light.

Nail extensions can be made using either acrylic or gel. Although gel tips might feel lighter, they typically appear comparable. Although the structure of the nail is primarily at issue, the polymerization process, ease of removal, and density actually make a significant effect. Using gel is undoubtedly a faster method. You won’t have to worry about filing or dust, and there are no overpowering smells. When using acrylic nails, the fake nail must be molded using a liquid called monomer and a powder.

The gel is more flexible than acrylics, which tend to be tougher. They might also cause greater nail damage because they are harder to remove by soaking in acetone and polishing off. Over-buffing also results in gradually thinner nails.

Tips from dermatologists

Opt for soak-off gel nails rather than artificial ones.
Gel nails are more flexible than acrylic nails, despite the fact that they might lead to nail brittleness, peeling, and splitting. Your own nails are therefore less likely to chip as a result.

Ask for soak-off gel nails rather than ones that need to be filed off.

Visit a salon where LED curing lights are used rather than UV curing lights. UV light is necessary for the gel nails to solidify. A UV curing lamp produces more UV radiation than an LED. Additionally, an LED light cures more quickly, lowering your UV exposure.

Artificial nails should only be used on exceptional occasions.
If you adore the way artificial nails appear, keeping them for special occasions exclusively will help you avoid nail problems. Your nails can heal themselves with time away from fake nails.


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