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Top 8 Bedroom Paint Colors for 2022

Top 8 Bedroom Paint Colors for 2022

Top 8 Bedroom Paint Colors for 2022: A survey of more than 60 interior design professionals reveals the top bedroom paint colours for 2022. Your bedroom is your sanctuary, the place you go to unwind and relax at the end of a long day. And if you want to refresh the look of your bedroom, the quickest and most effective way to do so is with a new wall colour.

In this article, we examine the best colors for bedroom walls in 2022, as well as the percentage of experts polled who believe that colour will be the most popular in the coming year. We hope that these colours inspire you to give your bedroom a new look this year!

1) Sage Green

Sage Green Bedroom Paint Color

According to 48% of experts, sage green will be the best color for bedroom walls this year. Many different shades of green are expected to be popular in homes in 2022, with several brands naming green as their colour of the year. Sage green, in particular, is a lovely colour for bedrooms. Sage’s green tones are soft rather than vibrant or deep. As a result, it makes an excellent backdrop colour for accents and furnishings. The soft colour is also considered soothing, making it an excellent choice for bedrooms where people come to unwind.


Cream Bedroom Paint ColorAccording to 38% of experts, the best color for bedroom walls this year will be cream. Cream is a soft, neutral shade that is slightly warmer than white. Neutrals are often considered a good choice for interiors because they go with everything; with cream walls, you can easily swap out your bedding, curtain, and accent colours multiple times and they will almost always work. Neutrals are also a good choice for resale, so if you plan to sell your home in 2022, cream can be a good choice for a bedroom, as it provides a soft, fresh feeling. When they don’t want to commit to a bolder colour, many people prefer soft neutrals like cream.

3) Taupe

Taupe Bedroom Paint ColorTaupe is another neutral colour that, according to 30% of experts polled, will be the best color for bedroom walls in 2022. Taupe is an excellent colour for small bedrooms. Its light colour can help keep the space from appearing too dark or claustrophobic. Simultaneously, the cool tones recede from the eye, making the space appear larger than it actually is. Taupe is an excellent choice for many homes if you want a neutral colour that is a little cooler in tone. It provides all of the benefits of cream colours while setting the tone for a more quiet and formal background.

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Navy Bedroom Paint ColorAccording to 28% of experts, navy will be the best color for bedroom walls this year as well. Navy is a deep, rich blue with full colour saturation. Because it recedes from the eye, this is another cool colour that can work well in smaller spaces. Navy is an excellent choice for those who want their bedroom to be dark and soothing in tone. As an accent, this colour works well with crisp white. It also looks great with gold for a more dramatic effect, or many other shades of blue and green for a more subtle accent. If you’re transitioning from a lighter shade to navy, use a primer first to capture the natural color of the paint.

5) Cool Off-White

Cool Off-White Bedroom Paint ColorAccording to 25% of experts, cool off-white is another of the best color for bedroom walls in 2022. Cool-off white is a more vibrant neutral than cream or taupe. Like taupe, it’s a good choice for small and dark bedrooms, but it’s a brighter colour. When paired with darker bedding and accent colours, this colour can look very crisp on your walls. This is another good colour for resale. The key to using cool off-white is to keep it from being too stark. Off-white comes in a variety of shades ranging from lighter to darker and warmer to cooler. Choose a colour that won’t make your bedroom feel institutional, but has a hint of blue, grey, or another cool undertone to help it stand out.

6) Lilac

Lilac Bedroom Paint ColorAccording to 12% of experts, lilac will be best color for bedroom walls this year. It can have a warm or cool tone depending on the specific colour and accents used. As a result, it is a fairly versatile colour for bedrooms; you can accent it with a variety of shades and colours, and it serves as a nice backdrop. Depending on how deep the colour saturation is, lilac can have an energising or soothing tone. For bedrooms, a softer, lighter shade can help make it a calming, relaxing colour.

7) Terracotta

Teracotta Bedroom Paint ColorTerracotta is also expected to be best color for bedroom walls , according to 12% of experts. The colour will contribute to the room feeling cosier and warmer, which can be relaxing. The iron in the clay used to make true terracotta gives it its colour. This colour has a rich, reddish-brown undertone that can be quite noticeable in certain lighting conditions. This is an excellent colour for large bedrooms with plenty of natural light. Terracotta complements a wide range of natural colours and shades, such as hardwoods, sky blue, and rich green. Any of these colours can be used in furnishings and as accents to help create a rich and beautiful bedroom design.

8) Soft Blue

Light Blue Bedroom Paint Color

According to 12% of experts, soft blue will also be best color for bedroom walls in 2022. Soft blue can be found in a variety of hues and shades. Soft blue is a colour that is thought to be very calming and soothing. It can be used in both dark and light bedrooms, depending on the shade you select. Cool tones like blue recede from the eye, making the space appear larger, so the colour will most likely work best in smaller spaces. Soft blues complement crisp white accents well. They can also be combined with soft creams for a more subtle look, as well as many shades of green and rich, dark brown wood tones.

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