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Things to think about when purchasing Kabaddi Mats

In the past, Kabaddi was an outdoor sport played with mud on naked feet. As Kabaddi became more popular and became more popular, indoor kabaddi mats were needed to facilitate championships within the arena or stadium. After a long time of testing different surfaces, officials involved in this game discovered that a foam mat with a grippy surface provided the best qualities. Kabaddi mats are specifically created with all the features that are required in this game. The unique feature is the ability to assemble and disassemble makes them different from other mats for sports. The unique interlocking system of these mats is very lightweight that they can be placed in a place for training. If you’re looking to purchase a kabaddi mat, search to find Kabaddi mats online and you will be able to find many possibilities.

Kabaddi mats can withstand water, are sweat-proof, easy to clean, and non-skid. This will help you protect yourself from falling. If you do fall during playing Kabaddi with your partner the kabaddi mat will safeguard joints and all of your body from injuries since the mats are extremely comfortable. With the rising popularity of this sport selecting the best kabaddi mat is the main approach to follow. In this regard, it’s essential to find the best quality mat, and factors to keep in mind when purchasing a Kabaddi mat.


It plays a crucial role in assisting the player slide and slides easily throughout the game, by giving the player comfort. Kabaddi mats should have the correct amount or type of hardness and firmness. Mat doesn’t soak up water and will always keep its shape.


When you are buying kabaddi mats ensure that you choose the best quality mat which should be sustainable and have the right amount of stickiness. There are a variety of mats for kabaddi, such as JSR mats, which are Japanese artificial rubber mats, interlocking kabaddi mats and EVA kabaddi mats, and Pro Kabaddi mats.


It is important to ensure that when you purchase the mat, the mat should not be extremely thin or heavy as thin mats could cause injuries and make it difficult for you to play. The size of the kabaddi mat for males is 13x 10m, and 11x8m for girls and boys as well as for girls, 11×8 m. The side lobby’s Kabaddi mat measures 1m in width on both sides. The balk line measures 3.75 meters from the midline. The bonus line runs 4.75 meters in distance from the mid Line, and the distance between the balk line as well as the bonus line is one meter.


It is helpful to have a solid grip when shifting from one position to another.


If you are looking for good-quality kabaddi mats, ensure that they’re durable, high-quality raw material, and well-known matting accessories and mats will last longer of time. They will also provide ease of practice Kabaddi. EVA foam is a great choice. EVA foams are extremely durable that makes it more durable for flooring. Additionally, it helps players make the that they are making the correct cuts during this sport.


The cost is always the most important factor that determines the mat you purchase. Kabaddi mat price in India vary in accordance with its thickness and colors. It is possible to purchase online and they will offer you a variety of styles (the pattern on the top layer is customizable in accordance with the requirements) at various prices, and speedy delivery to your doorstep.

The benefits of Kabaddi mats

  • It is able to stand up to the floor grip
  • Easy to wash
  • High-density EVA gives the most cushioning
  • Absorption of vibration and impact
  • Fuel, oil, and water resistance
  • Mats with dual colors can be placed either way
  • Configuration of interlocking
  • Anti-skid material composition

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