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How can I adopt the Bengal Cat in India?

Bengal cat looks sleek and huge, muscular, large tails that are well-balanced and is renowned for its beautiful patterns and color. Bengal cats are loyal, smart, keen to learn tricks and are more energetic than domestic cat breeds. The Bengal cat breed is an amalgamation of domestic cats and Asian leopard. They sport glitter on their furs or have spots that marbling and give them an unambiguous wild look.

The uniqueness of Bengal cats

The majority of people view Bengal cats to be wild cats due to their gorgeous and exotic-looking coats, huge ears and green eyes. The Bengal cat breeds are cute, affectionate and bonded to their family members. The International Cat Association (TICA) defines their Bengal cat as very athletic, as they have to jump, run and play to keep up with. Bengal cat breeds are agile, and vocal and have a unique sound that is described as cool or chirping, or as a peculiar gravelly sound.


Bengal cats range from medium-sized to large-sized. They weigh between 6-8 kilograms or more and they stand between 13 and 16 inches. The spots are available in a variety of colors, such as brown, golden, and orange. They also come in ivory. They generally are small with round heads, large eyes and distinctive facial features. Their hind legs are bigger in comparison to their front ones which gives them a powerful, yet graceful stride.

Common health concerns for Bengal cats

The most frequent health issues that affect Bengal cat breed are:

  1. Lymphosarcoma (cancer in lymphoid tissue)
  2. Pancreatitis
  3. The chronic renal condition (kidney disease)
  4. Feline urinary tract infection (FLUDT)

Food and nutrition

Bengal felines are distinct and distinct from the typical cats. This is why they require an entirely different diet from regular cats. They also have a stronger immune system and experience fewer ailments. Bengal felines are carnivores so their diet should be rich in animal protein. If you want your Bengal cat to flourish. Ensure that protein accounts for 50-80 percent of your cat’s diet with space for vitamins and fiber. An excellent supplement for food for the Bengal feline’s food is fresh meat. Just make sure that the meat is in good condition and is not processed.

Life expectancy

The life expectancy of Bengal cats ranges from 10 to 16 years. But, it depends on numerous aspects, including their general health, as well as whether they are outdoor or indoor cats.

A few fascinating facts regarding Bengal cats

  • Bengal cats are full of energy: These Bengal felines are very energetic, particularly as they grow older and move. They are a lot of fun with their owners.
  • Bengal cats are water-loving: The reason is that they have a special affinity to play in the water. This is commonplace among Bengal cats which could be surprising to those who are new Bengal cats.
  • Bengal cats can be heard: The vocal Bengal cats are smart and communicate well. If you speak to them, they’ll respond with a conversation. They usually meow when they’re hungry, upset or curious. They may also be satisfied. It is possible to notice changes in their meows in accordance with the mood they are in.
  • Bengal cats need to be entertained: Bengal cats need entertainment and aren’t common lazy home cats. They are highly clever and require plenty of playtime and attention to keep them entertained. Bengal cats are likely to find their own ways to combat boredom and keep you entertained.

Bengal cat price in India

There are many aspects that influence price of Bengal cat in India ,including the characteristics of kittens and, perhaps most important the breeder’s level who raised the kitten. If you’re looking for this calm and obedient and extremely athletic Bengal cat then you should look for Bengal cat price in India.


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