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Things To Remember When Approaching eCommerce Website Redesign

You decided to do a completely redesigned eCommerce website, or did you conclude that your metrics didn’t work the way you thought? Have you decided to do the part where you are sure that your conversion will increase?

Here are some common eCommerce design factors that we often see in the wild as we consider the next step in growing your eCommerce business:

Don’t Use Yourself as a Typical Person

One common thing web designers and entrepreneurs can sometimes do is assume they know what’s best, and they walk in a straight line without looking left and right. We tend to define needs based on what an individual considers necessary. That’s why we always fall into the trap of assumptions – when it solves my problem, and it solves others 100%. In other words, if something makes sense to me, then it has to make sense to customers as well.

While you should solve your problems and achieve your business goals, remember that you are not your target customer. You need to test how your customers respond to this constantly, and if they don’t, it won’t help your business goals.

Always Keep Track of Changes and New Features

You’ve launched a new feature on your eCommerce site, and you are sure that this will change how your customers use and view your store. Three months later your sales are good. Are you satisfied? But do you know what the new affected sales and customer behavior is? Do customers have liked the new part in the same way? Do the new features affect your sale?

You have invested time and money in creating new features and constantly monitor changes to determine the right impact. This is the only way to find out if they work the way you think they should or if they need a little more work.

Remember to Analyze your metrics regularly and schedule additional oversight as needed to find out what’s going on and how it affects marketing and behavior.

Optimize For Your Customer’s Devices, Not Yours

We (entrepreneurs, web designers, developers, and marketers) often use our big screens at work, and we are used to seeing a large screen with many options. And I’m sure a cursory glance at your analytics will always tell you that most of your customers use small screens – their cell phones (maybe not always, but in eCommerce store – usually this one).

It is always difficult to measure something we have in mind, so we need to think about the reaction from the beginning. A feature that is perfectly designed for one screen size that doesn’t match the look and feel of another screen can get you in serious trouble. You can easily see the difference in conversion rates when things go aside.

A common scenario is that it looks great on one device, but the elements are arranged differently on the other. Things disappear from the canvas, they are difficult to find, and the part loses its value.

You will always see what screen size your customers use and optimize the feature for that screen size but at the same time test the look and feel of other screen sizes.

Website Redesign or Adding New Features?

These are usually the features that we usually encounter every day. Is there a lost thing you want to add to the list? Please let us know about that! Don’t hesitate to contact Planet Web Solutions if you need help in your eCommerce development service, redesigning, or maintenance!

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