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Sports Flooring Types for Indoor and Outdoor Use 2023

Sports Flooring Types for Indoor and Outdoor Use

It is important to make sure that athletes play on safe surfaces and flooring indoors and out. This will help prevent injuries. Special care is taken to ensure shock absorption and a suitable surface for each sport.

We have compiled a comprehensive guide to the various types of sports flooring. For more information, talk to Coposports,  if you’re still unsure which type of sports flooring is right for you.

Indoor Sports Flooring

Indoor sports include tennis, basketball, volleyball and wrestling. There are many indoor surfaces that can accommodate these sports. You should consider the purpose of your facility before you choose a type or flooring. Hardwood can be used in gymnasiums for volleyball and basketball, while rubber flooring is better suited for fieldhouses where other sports are played. These are the most popular indoor sports flooring types and their uses.

Maple Hardwood

This hardwood is the most common type of gym flooring. Maple hardwood flooring is the most popular indoor flooring option and it is the best for basketball courts. This flooring is both durable and attractive, and can be customized with team colors or logos. Hardwood gym floors are often subfloored to absorb shock.

It is also possible for portable hardwood flooring systems to be installed so that the flooring can be removed and reinstalled easily. Hardwood gym flooring has two negative aspects. It is expensive to maintain and can’t be used for many sports.

We offer hardwood flooring from Connor Sports Flooring, which is the leading manufacturer of hardwood flooring in the U.S.

Polyurethane Athletic Flooring

Polyurethane indoor flooring is durable and can withstand heavy impacts from athletes, equipment and is the only completely seamless type of sports flooring. This type of flooring is used in multi-purpose facilities such as fieldhouses, where multiple sports are played. The polyurethane flooring can be customized to fit any gym, facility or fitness center.

Recycled rubber flooring

Rubber flooring from recycled rubber can be used for many purposes. It is ideal for weight room flooring, and for flooring in training and fitness rooms. This flooring is an economical option for athletic floors. It is durable, stain and water resistant, shock-absorbing, and has a seamless appearance.

Kiefer USA offers its own brand of rubber athletic flooring, including ColorFlex and Tuff-Roll Tufflock-Lock. These flooring options are simple to install, and Tuff-Lock flooring offers interlocking tile rubber flooring.

Vulcanized rubber

Vulcanized rubber athletic flooring is one of the most durable and highly performing indoor sports floors available. Multiple layers may be used to provide the best comfort and shock absorption for a variety of purposes, including weight room flooring or multi-purpose fieldhouses. The top layers are non-porous and slip-resistant. The lower layers offer maximum shock absorption and stability. Vulcanized rubber is also resistant to compression and can handle bleachers and heavy equipment.

Kiefer USA offers a wide variety of vulcanized rubber flooring, including a range from Mondo Athletic Floors, an industry leader in rubber sports flooring. Our own brand of Duraflex rubber floor is also available. We can help you select the right rubber flooring for your needs and recommend sub-layers.

Outdoor Sports Surfaces

Many sports, including football, soccer and track and field, require a suitable playing surface. To provide shock absorbency and traction, outdoor sports surfaces should be strong enough to withstand the elements. Track and field surfaces as well as artificial turf are the most common outdoor athletic surfaces.

Track and Field

Recycled rubber materials are used to make track surfaces. They provide great traction and shock absorption to prevent common injuries to the ankles, legs, and feet. To keep the surface safe and dry, track surfaces can also drain water.

Vulcanized rubber tracks are durable, safe, consistent, and simple to maintain. They are also environmentally friendly as they are made of recycled materials that are free from CFCs and other harmful substances.

For maximum performance and durability, track surfaces are made up of multiple layers.

Artificial Turf

Artificial turf surfaces are made up of durable filament fibers that replicate the appearance and feel of grass. Rubber infill acts as the dirt and provides stability and shock absorption.

These surfaces are now very popular for sports such as soccer, football, baseball and other games that were played on natural grass.Our artificial turf products can be recycled, are durable and absorb shock well.


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