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Packing for your move: 9 valuable moving tips

Packing for your move: 9 valuable moving tips

Are you moving soon? Moving can be a lot of stress. That is why you must prepare as well as possible, especially when packing your things. Nothing is more annoying than having to pack boxes on a moving day. Wondering how best to pack your stuff? We are happy to help you with these 9 tips!

Put garbage bags on your clothes

Getting all your clothes out of the closet one by one is time-consuming. It’s much easier to tie garbage bags around your clothes. For example, you can hang your clothes on coat racks and load them directly from the wardrobe into the moving van. You can then hang them back in the closet with the same ease in your new home. It is, of course, important that you use large and sturdy garbage bags.

Pack dishes with towels

Your crockery must be safely packed and moved. And you have to bring your towels too. Right, then you might as well pack the crockery with your towels. Make packages of two or three plates in a towel and seal them tightly with tape. Prefer not to pack with towels? Then you can also use bubble wrap to protect your crockery while moving. By the way, did you know that it is best to place the plates vertically in the box? This reduces the risk of breaking.

Seal bottles with cling film

Shower gel, shampoo, and body lotion smell great, but if they run out of the bottle during the move, you’re giving yourself even more work cleaning everything. That is why it is a good idea to pack the bottles extra safely by putting a piece of cling film over the opening. Then you put the regular cap on it, and you’re done!

Everything runs on wheels with trolleys

Do you have trolleys at home? They come in handy, for example, to move books. Books are usually one of the heaviest items to carry during a move. But if you use trolleys, that also runs on wheels! So you simply roll them to the moving van. It couldn’t be easier. And so your trolleys are immediately moved, two birds with one stone.

Wrap small cabinets with protective film

Small cabinets can easily be wrapped with protective film. This prevents the doors and drawers from opening during lifting. In addition, you can simply leave light items, such as cutlery or underwear, in the drawers. This saves you a lot of work when packing and unpacking.

Keep screws together in bags

You will probably have to disassemble large furniture. It is best to store the screws in small bags because they are quickly lost during a move. Write on the bags which piece of furniture they belong to and stick the bag with tape on one of the parts of that furniture. That way, you have everything immediately at hand when the furniture has to be reassembled in your new home.

Photograph cords before wrapping

Cords are always a thing too. Especially the back of your electronics, such as television, modem, and DVD player, have many different wires and cables. Are you afraid you will no longer know where to go on which wire? Then take pictures of the back before you start the move. This way, you can connect everything quickly and effortlessly.

Use color codes on your moving boxes

Buy different tape colors and use them to mark the sides of the moving boxes. Use a different color for every room in the house. Then, stick the same color tape on the doors of the different rooms in your new home. This way, the movers or your friends can see where each box needs to go at a glance. Then, on the day of the move, you have something else to do than play a police officer to send the helpers to the right room every time.

Make a box with stuff for the first day

Phew, it’s finally here: everything has moved. Tomorrow starts the first day in your new home, and tonight you will sleep for the first time in your new place. You are happy but at the same time devastated. So you don’t feel like searching through all those packed boxes for your pajamas. Therefore, use a clearly recognizable box for the things you need for the first evening and days. A laundry basket is another option you have for carrying out this task.

We hope these tips help you prepare for your moving day! Are you still looking for (protective) foils, chilled packaging boxes, tape, bags, or protective covers? Then we can certainly recommend the Britwrap protective packaging.

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