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How do I Delete a COMPANY from QuickBooks?

Learn to Delete company files in QuickBooks

Are you wondering how to delete company files in QuickBooks? If you are looking for the easy steps to delete company files in QuickBooks, then you are at the right place. The process of deleting a company file is quite convenient and easy to implement. This segment contains a comprehensive walkthrough that will assist you in deleting the Company in QuickBooks. Just ensure that you read it out till the conclusion.

Easy steps to delete the company file in QuickBooks software

Follow the steps provided below to delete company files in QuickBooks. Ensure you perform the actions in the same order and adhere to the guidelines very keenly.

  • In the beginning, you need to open the company file you wish to delete in QuickBooks. You can do that by hitting on “Open or Restore Company” from the “File”
  • Afterward, tap on the “Open a company file”
  • Subsequently, hit on “Next.”
  • Then, you should hit “Open” after opting for the File you wish to remove.
  • The next step involves hitting the F2 key on your computer, and then in the Product Information window, note the file location. (The file location is the “path” that takes you to the File on your computer where your company is kept.) Something along the lines of “C:/Documents and Settings/All Users/Documents/Intuit/QuickBooks/Company Files” should appear.
  • The final step is to exit QuickBooks.
  • For that, hit on File, followed by choosing Exit.
  • Now, navigate to the location you noticed in the Product Information Window.
  • Herein, you are supposed to right-click the company file you want to delete and then hit on Delete. (The File should have the green QuickBooks icon as displayed here; however, you should also delete all other files with the same file name that ends in. qbw:)
  • Reopen QuickBooks and then hit on the “Edit List”
  • On the File that you just deleted, check the “Hide” It is now necessary to erase the File and hide it from the “No Company Open” window.

Steps for deleting a Company in QuickBooks Mac

If you are using QuickBooks for Mac and wish to delete a company file, then you should perform the steps provided below:

  • Initially, open the company file that you wish to remove in QuickBooks.
  • Then choose “Product Information” from the “Help” menu in the top menu bar.
  • Hover your mouse over the file path at the bottom of the new screen.
  • Notice the File Location, and note it down.
  • Navigate as follows: Documents > Intuit > QuickBooks > Company Files.
  • Now, opt for your company file from this folder.
  • You should now exit this screen by tapping on the cross symbol in the top left corner.
  • Use your computer’s navigational tools to navigate to the company file location listed above.
  • Now, click and drag the company file to the bin after it has been selected for deletion.
  • Remove the File (s) associated with the disc image for the same company file you just removed. (It should conclude with the dot “.dmg”). These are duplicates of the company file made as a backup. Unless you switch off auto-backup in the options, QuickBooks Mac automatically creates a backup copy (image) after each use.
  • Your recycle bin now contains the deleted File. Empty it or see it in order to remove it permanently from your computer.

Deleting a Company in QuickBooks Online

You can remove all of the existing data and start over from scratch if you’re removing a company file that was created within the last 60 days. However, to start over, you must cancel your present company and create a new one if your account has been set up for more than 60 days.

Follow these procedures to finish the process for a corporation with less than 60 days remaining on QuickBooks Online:

  • The first step requires signing into your QuickBooks Online account and updating the URL to include /purgecompany.
  • For instance:
  • If the URL is: https://qbo.intuit.com/c28/app/homepage
  • Then you need to change it to: https://qbo.intuit.com/c28/app/purgecompany
  • Afterward, the following screen will show a summary of the items being erased. You must input “Yes” and then hit on “Ok” to indicate that you do provide your consent for the data deletion.
  • Feel free to modify the company you want to choose if it differs from the one displayed. Also, indicate whether you want the system to establish accounts for you based on your industry or to construct a blank chart of accounts at this point. Once all of your choices have been made, click Wipe Data. You will be directed to your home page after completing the deletion.

To remove your QuickBooks Online company file that is more than 60 days on QuickBooks Online, proceed as follows:

  • At first, log in to your QuickBooks Online and hit the gear icon from the menu that appears to the right of your company name.
  • Now, hit “Account and Settings” under “Your Company.”
  • Then, tap “Cancel” under “subscribed” under Billing & Subscription.
  • That should be it.


Although you won’t be able to make any changes to your company file, you will still be able to view your information until Intuit deletes it a few months later.

We hope that the article assisted you in the process of deleting your company file from QuickBooks.

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