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Mike Hostilo and His Net Worth in Detail

Mike Hostilo is a Professional American injury or accident Attorney who serves the surrounding and the state of Georgia. Mike has lots of offices in Augusta, Macon, Savannah, Atlanta, Beaufort, and Columbus.  He became famous for being kidnapped by a former client. Mike was born in the United States Georgia. In 2020, he might be 43 years old, which was not confirmed. There are no family details in any of the articles. His father was from Savannah native and his mother is Japanese.

Mike learned to be disciplined by his military father. Since his mother is Japanese, she moved to America during the time of racism and she faced a lot of problems and raised her son. Things like perseverance, hard work, persistence, and the ability to be open-minded to all cultures and races, he learned.

The net worth of Mike Hostilo

Mike graduated from the University of Georgia and then he attended the Atlanta law school while he was doing part-time jobs as Delivering newspapers, truck driver, construction workers to support himself for the perspective view of the diverse employment in a different view. In 1992, he was admitted to the Georgia Bar and started working as a firm in a former marine friend named A. Zettler was a friend to his father.

Mike has been labeled as “The Fighter for his Clients” and became a partner to the firm in 1995, due to hard work. Then he maintained successfully narrowed his field in the year 2006 and maintained many branches of his office in many places. With $800k USD Dollars net worth, his monthly income is under review and not mentioned in any of the articles so far. Mike took a hostage in his office in the year 2006 for 24 hours and heard noises outside from his office.

Biggest kidnapping incident in 2006

In 2006, beginning of the year, Mike hostile kidnapped by two people named Robert and Connie Bower for one day. During that day, Mike went to his office to update his daily progress with his clients. While processing his work, he received screaming sounds from the outdoor of his working place. Initially, he thought that sound coming from somewhere else. But he was curious about that sound and called his personal assistant to know that. At gunpoint, they hold his personal assistant at that moment.

Hostilo realized, one of the kidnappers named, bower and history of cases. Actually, there were more than 3 cases on bower, 10 years ago. To handle the cases of bower and to submit reports, court-appointed hostilo in that year. During that day of the appointment, bower replied hostilo that he would kill mike once he come out of jail. But, Hostilo ignored his speech and came back to handle his cases until 2006. Nearly 20 hours, Connie bower and Robert hold Hostilo at gunpoint. Hostilo was helpless and forced to leave the case and set bower to free.

University helped Hostilo

The conversation between Hostilo and bower goes for an hour. After their conversation, Hostilo called his university friend to get out of this problem. His friend called FBI cops for help to save him from the kidnappers. After they rescued Hostilo, FBI cops received the status of the kidnappers and their details. Later he thanked his friend and went to meet his father on the same day. Hostilo explained his bad time with those kidnappers with his father and cried at the end.

Social media presence

Hostilo is on many social media platforms to connect with his clients around the world. Famous social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the best choices for people to contact him. By checking the official website of Hostilo, anyone can get attorney help for their accident cases.

Facts about Mike Hostile 

  • Mike understood the family situation and he did many part-time jobs to help him for his career and to complete his studies.
  • In terms of becoming a great attorney, he really worked hard and joined as a help to his father’s friend and then became a partner of that office.
  • After that kidnapping incident in his life, he really went fed up and made up his mind to get full support from the people.
  • Mike learned discipline from his military father and then served just like him.
  • After the Kidnapping moment, he become famous and started his office in many cities of Georgia. He built successful offices in Agusta, savannah, and Columbus cites in his career.
  • When he did law studies, he managed to pay for his fees by doing part-time work in many areas.

Final word

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