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The Tegaderm tattoo is a wound and you have to take care of it as such. With this series of care and rules, your Tegaderm tattoo will not give you problems during its healing.

Leave the first dressing for 24 hours. To take it off, it is better to wet it with warm water.

Once dry, leave it in the air for an hour so that the skin breathes a little.

Cover it with the Dressing (Film), cover the tattoo and at least 2 cm around it, shave the area first if necessary

Place the second dressing this time for 72 hours.

Once the latter is removed, do not scratch. It is normal for the area to itch. A kind of scaling of the skin may appear, it is normal and does not have ink, it is flaky skin, like “dandruff”.

It is normal in the first two dressings that there are pockets of ink and liquid.

The Dressing has two stickers, one that must be removed to be able to stick it (White). And another that once stuck is removed (Transparent).

Do not apply cream, lotion, or anything similar to the tattoo. Once the last patch has been removed 24 hours have passed.

Tegaderm tattoo is a transparent and breathable dressing that allows oxygen to enter so that the skin “breathes” and can heal properly.




Clean and dry the new tattoo and surrounding skin (no need to use lotions or ointments).

Cut the Tegaderm tattoo dressing to allow at least 2.5cm around it to be in contact with the non-tattooed skin. It is recommended to cut more extra space in high mobility areas.

Peel the white paper backing to expose the sticky side.

Gently apply the dressing using light pressure.

Remove the plastic support, leaving only Tegaderm on the skin.

Wear the first Tegaderm tattoo dressing for 8-24 hours, depending on how much the Tegaderm tattoo exudes. Remove the first Tegaderm bandage, clean and dry the area, and apply a second bandage. Do not leave it for more than 7 days.




– For maximum comfort, make sure the skin is in a neutral position when applying Tegaderm. When applied to elbows and knees, the joint should be in a neutral position, neither straight nor fully bent.


– Shave before the tattoo. Removing Tegaderm from hair is unpleasant. Shave the entire area, plus 2.5cm around the Tegaderm site.


– Practice before applying it. If this is your first time using Tegaderm, it can be a bit difficult to work with. It doesn’t hurt to practice on a small section first, just make sure you shave the area.


– When you cut the bandage for the application, remember that the rounded corners provide better support.

– When using multiple Tegaderm dressings, overlap them by 1 cm.


– If you use a glycerine soap or green soap, make sure to rinse well, as any residue will react with the adhesives and can cause irritation. Avoid sponges that can cause scratches.


*Do not submerge the tattoo covered with Tegaderm in water (no baths, no swimming pools, no beach)! Take care when you shower that you do not apply fragranced gel or shampoo on top and that the water is not too hot.

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