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How You as an English Tutor Can Nail Your Online Tutoring Interview?

We are not very aware of how interviews take place online. Face to face interviews are something we have all been through, and probably nailed it. But how does the online interview session work? Is it good, bad or ridiculous? Becoming a passionate online english tutors is your dream, so let us fulfil it. Doing the right way will help you achieve a milestone and get going! 

We feel that the internet does create some sort of chaos but since you are practically entering the online tutoring world, you have to be prepared. Consider online teaching as a jackpot, you sit at the comfort of your home, in your flexible hours conducting a session. 

Similarly, the fear of facing the interviewer gets minimal when you have online interviews conducted. In order to break the exhausting feeling of question and answers, and interrogation sessions. Let us have a look at a few of the information to nail down your online interview. 



Find out the kind of question that would be asked from you in your profession. Since you are an English tutor, you can expect questions related to the language, grammar, tone etc. Do not just try to bluff anything, be very practical in your interview. They may ask you questions related to anything you say, or may ask you to present with a demo lecture. It is best to showcase your skills, expertise, experience, and education in the language online english tutors. 

  1. Take Demo Session

Before you give a demo session to the interviewer, be prepared! Know that you are capable of giving a demo session to the online english tutors by practising it. Either you can do it alone, or you can ask someone to judge you. Take any topic, learn deeper into it, dig a lot of information on the same and conduct the session. 

The best part about online tutoring is, you can choose from different modes in your teaching. You can add slides, create videos, ppts, or show YouTube videos, and even songs for that matter. It will all make a lot of difference in your teaching so, add that in your demo. The interviewer should know different tactics that you use. 

  1. Dressing Professionally

Just because it is an online interview doesn’t mean you can wear anything. Being presentable is very important. It showcases how you will be conducting your online tutoring session with the student. Don’t take chances, be well prepared and groom yourself first. As a tutor, you have to look professional, presentable and very appealing. 

So that student knows they are in a learning environment, and in a professional space too. This will create a very positive impact in your interview, and is impressive too! Interviewer will realise that you are pretty serious too about getting the job! 

  1. Go Beyond

Always do a little extra than is expected from you. Especially in the demo, you can go out of the box with your teaching ways. Show your creative side, and in a way that is presentable and interesting. You can consider going a little extra mile by adding visual aids in your session. 

You can recommend a YouTube video link to make a good impact too. Also, you can prepare a good slide that will win away all the attention and impress your interviewer. You want to be able to give your best, highlight the most amazing side of yours. As a tutor, you need to create a difference in the way the interviewer looks at you. 

  1. Know what is expected from you

If you have given the job description, or an instruction details in your email, go through it. Learn what is expected from you, and how to nail it. Understand the job requirement, and see if you can fulfil it. Highlight the key points mentioned in the JD, and display it in your conversation. 

If you can highlight the part that showcases your skill and expertise, it will make more sense. As a private online english tutor, you have to let the interviewer know that there is something different in you. They should be able to hire you based on the way to convince them to be the best tutor on board. All this can be done through the way to handle the interview session online, so be practical. 


There are many things that you as English tutors should know. In the interview, there will be a lot of questioning, and answering. You need to be mentally prepared to face it, and accept the outcome. Giving your best is everything, be confident and show them that you have it in you. Let them know that there is no one better than you, who can make the most difference. 

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