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Custom Rigid Boxes are Superior On Traditional Boxes

There are some things you’d like to send. Perhaps it’s a shipment of DVDs (or records, if that’s what youngsters are interested in these times). Maybe it’s a gaming console or a different object with a strange shape. You’re sure they’ll fit inside one of those, such as custom rigid Boxes with Logo; however, how do they fit inside?

This issue stumps many people every single day. Many people try to push their heavy objects in the box. But, they’re frustrated when they cannot close the lid of the box. Some choose less-than-savory strategies like folding or tearing, which have detrimental adverse effects on the box’s contents.

So how does someone who ships goods for a living to do? They make custom-made rigid boxes with Logo!

Benefits of Custom Rigid Boxes

More businesses are turning toward rigid boxes. Why? It is because it provides security that the conventional box does not. Do you know the components of the wooden box? In short, a lot.

Before we dive into the particulars for rigid boxes, we should first examine its advantages over corrugated boxes:

  • They keep their shape longer. This means they can stack more and be flatter when shipping.
  • They are water-proof and weather-resistant. They are perfect for products that require temperature control, like pharmaceutical products or food items. Wine bottles could be an additional example.
  • They also offer an additional layer of protection for the product. Glass boxes and cans could easily break when dropped from high altitudes, such as on the rear of trucks.
  • Certain rigid boxes come with removable parts that can secure fragile items to avoid movement and tumbling.

If you’re shipping something fragile, rigid packaging is the ideal choice. Shipping products is another reason why firms prefer wooden boxes to corrugates. It’s much easier to carry the chests by hand than transporting heavy boxes.

The dimensions of rigid boxes are uniform because they are produced in factories, not assembled in an assembly line using different items.

Why Are Custom Rigid Boxes Wholesale Better Than Traditional Boxes?

These days, more and more people opt to purchase personalized Flexible Boxes wholesale because it’s cost-effective and green. They are available in every size and shape that you might require.

Whether your item is long, chunky, the most tippy or dangly combination of the above, there’s likely to be something suitable that will suit you. If you’re unable to find the exact product you require, it’s possible to request an individual quote.

Traditional Boxes against. Custom Rigid Boxes

The difference is that traditional boxes in various sizes and shapes store or transport multiple items, from electronics to jewelry and even toys. There are also packaging companies.

They develop innovative ways of making these boxes recyclable, collapsible, and reusable. Due to this contest, more attributes are added to the custom-made products. This is why the differences lie in the characteristics. It is impossible to compare standard boxes against custom-designed rigid boxes.

They are Eco-Friendly

Traditional boxes can be constructed from cardboard, paper, or even corrugated fibers, which aren’t eco-friendly. However, Custom two-piece rigid boxes are made from recycled materials, such as cartons and plastic boxes. These recyclable materials are likely to be environmentally friendly compared to standard cardboard boxes.

The typical boxes are removed after a single-use. Contrarily the rigid box manufacturers use all materials and recycle the materials to create new products.

Additionally, traditional boxes can’t perform as well as rigid boxes to make your products look attractive when they are stacked in the shop. They are made to move, draw and draw customers compared to traditional boxes, which are unable to perform this.

They are Cost-Effective

Do you prefer a low-cost method of packaging your item for storage or sale? If yes, opting for specific sizes and shapes, particularly those with handles, is economical and easy. You can make use of high-quality materials and not worry about getting damaged.

In the end, traditional cardboard boxes indeed suffer when competing with customized rigid boxes for wholesale. Apart from being environmentally sustainable, they are also durable, and the materials are of higher quality, thereby making them reusable. Another benefit is that a lot of box manufacturers provide free design services.

They Have Better Quality and Designs

If you select a conventional box, there’s no option to alter the shape, design, or material employed. The company already makes boxes in a variety of dimensions and shapes.

If you decide to go for a custom-designed rigid box, the main goal is to design your unique package by mixing elements like:








In essence, these products can be created precisely the way you want them to appear.

They are Heavy Duty

Because conventional boxes are made of soft materials, they can’t support any weight from your goods for an extended period before becoming damaged. However, the custom boxes are made of more durable fabric.

They can handle heavier loads without breaking by pressure or bending. These boxes also can collapse when they are a time to put them away. This means they can save space compared to conventional boxes that are so large because they can’t be collapsed.

Additionally, you can design your products extremely quickly and efficiently to this advantage. Because there is no limit to the things, you can create. It’s all about how creative you can be!

They are Customizable

When selecting your product packaging, you likely require a striking design that reflects your company’s mission’s essence. However, conventional box businesses don’t offer any customer service. The methods they offer are usually expensive.

However, Printed Rigid Boxesare custom-made in size, shape, color, and even logos. They are made from recycled materials, which allow the boxes to reduce expenses. Furthermore, they are eco-friendly, like recycling. That means you can be sure that these boxes will not harm the environment.

Bottom Line

The name says it all; Rigid Boxes Wholesale are made to accommodate your item. This means that they are designed to accommodate your products to ensure safe from damages during shipping. It’s superior to relying on bulky boxes that don’t protect your goods sufficiently. They’re also reusable! Once you’ve lost hope of finding that diamond ring in its original box, then you can place it back into its original rigid box for another try. What are you waiting for? Get moving and start shipping using custom wooden boxes!

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