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How to Remove Duplicate emails items in Outlook

Summary: This technical blog will highlight situations that lead to email duplication in user Outlook accounts. Along with the effective solution to remove duplicate emails from Outlook, we will also explain some challenges user faces while encountering these issues.

Are you one of those users facing duplicate email issues in Outlook? It will not seem to be a significant problem at the initial level, but accumulating the same emails more than once creates long-term issues.

However, there are multiple solutions to cope up with this problem which we will explain to you in this article. But before we start explaining the solution to remove duplicate emails, we will make you aware of certain challenges after email duplication.

Major Challenges of Duplicate Emails in all Outlook Versions

Given below are some of the common issues of duplicate emails in the Outlook application:

  • If more than one copy of the same email is present in the user account, it will increase the size of the user mailbox, which automatically increases the PST size.
  • Extra time is required to reply to the same emails more than once. This will result in a decrease in user productivity.
  • Duplicate emails will consume more Outlook space, which has an adverse effect on Outlook’s performance.

These are some of the most common consequences of duplicate Outlook emails. Now we will also list the leading causes of email duplication.

Reason for Outlook Data Duplication:

  • If the user configures their profile multiple times, then data will be synchronized repeatedly, leading to email duplication.
  • Due to improper email settings in Outlook, the chances of email supplication increase.
  • Whenever there is any antivirus software installed on the system which has Outlook, the software will alter the Outlook Send/Receive interval, resulting in duplicate emails.

Manual Tricks to remove duplicate emails from Outlook

Several methods make it possible to remove Outlook data duplication, but we will focus only on one such way, i.e., using Outlook Import/Export option.

Working Procedure:

  • Firstly, the user needs to open Outlook. Afterward, go to File, Import/Export, and select the Import & Export option.
  • Select Import from another program or file and hit the Next button.
  • Now the user should select the PST file from Import a file wizard. Click Next to continue the process.
  • Browse the PST file and select “Do not import duplicates.” Hit the Next to move forward.
  • Now, the user can choose the folder to export the file. At last, click on the Finish button to complete the process.

It is one of the manual solutions to deal with data duplication in the Outlook program. But this and the other manual method to remove duplicate emails have many disadvantages. One of them cannot detect the exact number of Outlook duplicate emails. There are multiple other downsides due to this; the user should look at some alternatives.

Better Alternative to eliminate emails duplication from Outlook

Due to the various limitations that the manual method produces will create the need for third-party software. The user can consider looking at the Shoviv Outlook Duplicate Remover tool, which shows results extremely well without losing a single data. This software is one of the better utilities to remove duplicate emails from the user’s Outlook profile. Now, quickly check out some of its promising functionalities.

  • It allows users to add multiple PST files without the size limitation and removes duplicate emails simultaneously from all.
  • This software removes the duplication from the emails, notes, calendar, and all attributes of the Outlook PST.
  • This utility’s interface is convenient, ultimately making it easier for a user to use it.
  • Users can add any Outlook version PST files and run this software on any Windows version, and the tool efficiently performs their task.
  • During the process of removing duplicates, the software also shows the live process log.


Data Duplication is a significant concern for any organization as data plays a vital role in the decision-making. If you are affected by this issue, you need to figure out and approach the solution to deal with it. We have talked about the manual and professional methods to remove duplicate emails in this article. However, we would not recommend users go for it due to multiple drawbacks of the manual techniques.

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