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10 Beautiful And Interesting Places To Visit In Alleppey

When it comes to exploring the backwaters, you don’t need a plane ticket to Venice. The lovely backwater locations may be found right here in India. Kerala is famous for many things, including its backwaters, beautiful vegetation, and great food. And don’t forget about the beautiful beaches! If you’re thinking of visiting Alleppey, sometimes known as the “Venice of the East,” you’re in for a treat. You can visit this place with your family by just booking any of the Alleppey Family Packages offered by Lock Your Trip.

On several occasions while in Alleppey, you may find yourself enjoying the natural beauty of the area. Alleppey, like other cities in Kerala, has a plethora of tourist attractions where you may go sightseeing. However, other attractions in Alleppey include the Krishnapuram Palace and the Alleppey Lighthouse, in addition to the beaches and backwaters. A lengthy walk on the beach with your family at sunset is exactly what you need to unwind and revitalise. It is an ideal location for a family vacation. In this blog, we will mention a few best places to visit in Alleppey with family for a perfect trip with your family. 


Kuttanad, often known as the “Rice Bowl of Kerala,” attracts visitors with its lovely and gorgeous scenery all around. It’s one of the most prominent Alleppey attractions, with its vibrant backwaters, glistening canals, lakes, rivers, and verdant paddy fields. To appreciate the surreal appeal of the location, take a houseboat excursion through the lovely Vembanad backwaters. It’s, a meeting point for four rivers including the Manimala, Pampa, Achankovil, and Meenachil, is a lovely site to spend the day enjoying nature. Some of the finest things to do in Alleppey include visiting the paddy fields and learning about Kerala culture. 

Krishnapuram Palace

The magnificent Krishnapuram palace, located 47 kilometres from the Alappuzha district, is a popular tourist destination in Alleppey. This mediaeval palace, which spans around 1.5 acres, was erected in the 18th century by Anizham Thirunal Marthanda. The Krishnapuram Palace, designed in the Kerala architectural style, is ornamented with gabled roof and dormer windows and is one of the most spectacular places to visit in the Alleppey with family. It also has a beautifully designed garden with a wide variety of flowers and plant life. The archaeological department now protects the Krishnapuram palace archaeological museum. The Buddha statue, the Kayamkulam sword, and the painting of Gajendra Moksham are all important displays for tourists. This place is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Alleppey with family. 


One of Alleppey’s oldest temples, Mannarasala is devoted to the snake gods and draws tourists and followers from all over the world. The Mannarasala Sree Nagaraja Temple, located in the dark and deep jungle, is packed with a variety of snake paintings. Additionaly, women who are unable to conceive also come to this shrine to seek special blessings. Mannarasala is one of the nicest sights to see in Alleppey, with over 30,000 representations of serpent gods. 

Marari Beach

Marari is a beautiful beach destination with golden sand, a blue ocean, and palm trees in the backdrop. It is a charming village in Alleppey known for its extensive culture and traditions. The National Geographic Survey named Marari beach one of the best ‘Hammock Beaches in the World.’ Surfing, water skiing, fishing, parasailing, and other water sports activities are available at the beach, making it one of the top things to do in Alleppey. Marari beach, with its rich natural beauty all around, is a great spot to unwind and spend some time away from the crowds. Some several cafés and restaurants serve wonderful meals and local cuisines for foodies. This place is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Alleppey with family. 

Ambalapuzha Temple

The “Dwaraka of the South” moniker refers to the Lord Krishna-centered Ambalapuzha temple. This Hindu temple is built in the traditional Kerala style and is famous for its wonderful rice pudding prepared with sweet milk called Pal Payasam. Due to its extensive collection of mural paintings illustrating Lord Vishnu’s 10 incarnations, the Ambalapuzha Temple is brimming with cultural ambiance. One of the greatest things to do in Alleppey is to visit this magnificent temple. The temple grounds have also become a venue for Kunjan Nambiar’s satirical production, ‘Ottan Thullal.’ One of the oldest in Alleppey, this lovely site of devotion has ties to the Guruvayur temple in the Thrissur region of Kerala. For those interested in art, culture, and architecture, the Ambalapuzha temple is one of the best places to visit in Alleppey with family. 

Alappuzha Beach

One of the best spots to visit in Alleppey is the Alappuzha beach. Surfing, beach volleyball, and parasailing are among the sports available. You may also simply lounge on the beach and take in the breathtaking scenery. The beach features a lighthouse, a nice park nearby, and palm groves, which are abundant in Kerala. 

The Eco Houseboats of Johnson
These luxurious houseboats in Alleppey have long been the most well-liked houseboat service, offering a varied and beautiful backdrop of this charming place. The most well-liked houseboat for joyful and romantic excursions is the “Only in Alappuzha,” which is a member of Johnson’s Eco Houseboats line and has an ecologically friendly design. Cruise through Alleppey’s serene backwaters and lovely canals in one of these roomy houseboats while passing through quaint fishing villages and verdant countryside. Enjoy the comforts of a fully equipped houseboat as you cruise through the area’s backwaters.


Pathiramanal is a small island in Lake Vembanad off the coast of Alleppey and is a popular tourist destination. It is home to around 50 migratory and more than 90 indigenous bird species. Pathiramanal is a fantastic site to go birdwatching and observe some wonderful aquatic species due to its picturesque topography and position. Children will enjoy spotting various birds and animals here. 

St. Mary’s Forane Church

St. Mary’s Forane Church, built-in 427 AD, is one of Alleppey’s most magnificent churches. The church, known for its activities and educational introduction, conducts two fests each year, dedicated to various dates, and receives a large number of guests. This church’s rich history, legacy, and architecture draw visitors from all over the world. The church’s architecture and construction are a unique combination of Portuguese and Syrian elements. The St. Mary’s Forane Church, which houses over 2500 families, is also one of Alleppey’s largest and most frequented churches. 

Revi Karunakaran Museum

The Revi Karunakaran Museum, which opened in 2003, is divided into three levels and features several sections dedicated to depicting four major religions: Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, and Christianity, using ivory displays, murals, and paintings. If you enjoy exploring artworks and artefacts, one of the top Alleppey things to do is visit the Revi Karunakaran Museum. The particular Kerala Room here shows Kerala’s progress with over 3800 diverse displays. Therefor, one of the most amazing elements that you will enjoy is the collection of Tanjore paintings, which attracts art enthusiasts from all over the world. The museum, which spans 28,000 square feet, is well-known as a modern architectural masterpiece and one of the best places to visit in Alleppey with family. 

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Alleppey Lighthouse

The Alleppey Lighthouse, located near the Alappuzha beach, is a popular tourist attraction in Alleppey. It’s a fantastic location for photography, and the waves off the Arabian shore further add to the experience. While you’re here, you may learn a lot about Kerala’s once busiest port and trading hubs. 

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