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How To Pick The Best Hoop Style Earring For The Occasion

Huggie Earrings

Are you fond of jewelry? Hoop earrings are the best classic jewelry loved by every woman!

Being a true jewelry piece, a pair of hoops can lift the grace of an outfit. It makes you look stylish and glamorous on any occasion. Be it any casual wear or any occasion wear, earrings always add spice to your look. But the toughest thing is choosing the perfect pair of hoop earrings that go well with your look and outfit. A pair that you can wear comfortably with every dress, whether it is for day or night! 

How To Pick The Perfect Earrings?

There is a key point in choosing the perfect pair of hoops meeting your style statement and is highly praising too. The range of hoop huggie earrings is available in different sizes and styles where each size and style suggests great aesthetic benefits. If you are confused about picking up the best hoop pair out of the variety available out there, here is an ultimate guide to help you in picking the one that gives you a perfect style statement. 

Making the selection of the best hoop earring is not that tough as it seems, the things you need to take care of is the size, metal, and detailing of the piece you are choosing as per your outfit. Check out the rules of selection! 

Picking Up The Size Of Hoop Earring 

When you plan to buy hoop earrings, the size is an important element to consider. The size of hoop earrings makes a great impact on the style of the pair. Also, the size also tells about how the hoop pair will support your face and which hairstyle will look with that specific pair. That is why the pair of hoop sizes contributes to the aesthetics and wearing ability of a piece of jewelry. There are generally small, medium to large size hoop earrings from which you have to select the perfect one.

Huggie & Small Hoops

The first one is small hoops, which is also known as huggie hoop earrings are among the best jewelry option for an everyday look. These small hoop earrings are overnice, elegant, and are super attractive giving the stunning look to your face. The good thing about these types of earrings is that they go well with all face shapes and suit really well to those who wear their medium to long hair down. They look stunning with the flowing locks! 

Medium Size Hoops 

Next are the medium size hoops which are available in both metals as well as diamond stuff. This is the most popular and common size which women love to go. Not only they are fawning but are also adaptable. The medium size hoops look good on all face shapes, go well with almost all hairstyles and hair lengths. Wear them with casual as well as classy outfits, it goes well with both. From stylish to simple looks, medium hoops uplift the style statement. What is more interesting than changing the entire look with a single piece of accessories? 

Large hoops 

The last one and the most amazing one – large hoops give a stylish and bold look to women. You can wear large hoop earrings for some special occasions to get that chic look. Similar to other types, they also look great with every face shape but look awesome on more angular, elongated, or wide face shapes. Large style hoop earrings can be paired with any hairstyle type but are more convenient with chic updos and other hairstyles that keep the hair away from the face. Wear them if you often do pull-back hairstyle as in this case hoops get the complete focus upon the earlobes and give your face the reason of attention.

Details Of Hoop Earrings 

When you are done with the size of earrings, the next step is to check the inner details of the earrings like width, the metal, and the detail design. Describing the width of hoop earrings makes an effect on the different looks they have been paired up with. Like the slip hoop earrings go well with the casual looks while the wide one earring gives a more charming aesthetic feel. Deciding on the width of the hoop, you need to consider the sizes as well as the proportion of both that make an impact on your style statement.

If you have any specific preference for metal, select the precious metal for the hoop earrings like silver huggie earrings. In other cases, pick the one on the basis of its style or its undertone which will give you an idea of its suitability. Take help from the guide or tutorial if you are confused about picking the best pieces of precious metal.

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