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How to Learn Digital Marketing for Free

Technology has made everything 10 times easier than it previously was, including learning. People can now easily learn a skill online because they have access to global education and information thanks to technology.

However, digitalization is among the most fruitful results of technology. Going digital has changed how humans work, study, commute and operate. It also has given birth to new job opportunities such as “Digital Marketing Manager” or the Digital Marketer, something we wouldn’t have believed back in 2015 (that makes me feel so old – *goes in a corner and cries*).

The term digital marketing, also known as online marketing, promotes brands and markets the company’s product to the potential audience. So, now you’d be wondering why everyone wants to learn digital marketing. It has turned into the need of the hour. Companies value individuals who know digitalization or online marketing over those with experience but no knowledge of digital marketing.

It also offers the opportunity to work remotely, and a person should have access to good internet and a list of potential clients looking for a remote marketer. These are only some reasons why everyone wants to learn digital marketing. To be honest, I am everyone too. I began looking for a free digital marketing course during the pandemic (we all had our hardships). So, if you are looking forward to learning digital marketing for free, you have come to the right digital space.

Sit back, have a sip of your coffee and read the blog. This blog will provide you with the best resources to teach yourself digital marketing for free at home in the shortest amount of time. You might have to pay for an advanced course at some places, but the beginner’s guide is free. Let the education begin!

What is the Definition of Digital Marketing?

Before we start, let’s define digital marketing. It is a process of promoting and advertising, selling products/services over the internet through one or more channels. There are several types of digital marketing, such as search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), social media marketing (SMM), content marketing, email marketing, marketing analytics, and affiliate marketing.

The most common type of marketing used nowadays is SEO, SMM and PPC. These types of marketing engage customers with the product details and encourage them to buy the product even if they don’t need it right away.

Ways to Learn Digital Marketing for Free

To be a successful digital marketer, you must learn to work with new technologies and people worldwide. Furthermore, you must acquire the necessary knowledge to combine your techniques with clients’ requirements to achieve the best possible result.

It takes a lot of patience and perseverance to become a digital marketing expert, but the good news is you don’t need a college degree or take a classroom course to do so.

· Start a Blog

The best way to learn the real tips is to start your blog and learn from your experience. Then, when you have your blog, you can experiment with creating SEO content, managing social media, and working on WordPress.

Initially, it won’t be easy to handle keywords while writing SEO content or managing social media for any brand, but you’ll get a hold of it with time. Once you have your blog, you can convert it into a business account over social media and test ad placement. You can also try email marketing by emailing clients about your services and products and seeing how positive your response is.

Also, a running blog can help you earn a little in initial money, and it helps build an image in the market.

· Read About Digital Marketing

Reading helps a lot when you are on a budget and cannot afford paid classes. Start by reading blogs related to digital marketing, follow famous marketers and see what they post on social media. Read the tips the marketing influencers post on their accounts; they are always helpful. Also, you can look for books related to online marketing and read them while practising on the side.

Reading a book would seem like you haven’t practised fully, but you have to show a willingness to learn. Then, you have to practice on your own. With books, you can take help from trending blogs. Read a blog per day on digital marketing; it will enhance your vocabulary and help you understand how to create content as a marketer.

· Watch Youtube Tutorials

I have a valid question: why don’t people make the most out of YouTube for learning and development? YouTube is a powerful platform to find everything, from lectures to Q&A and learning tutorials. You have to research. Follow a channel that offers tutorials on digital marketing, but make sure the person you follow has a good reach.

Start the tutorials from the first episode and do not miss in the middle. And I’ll say here tutorials are better than reading books because, in tutorials, an actual person is showing how to perform a task.

· Join Groups on Social Media

Social media can teach you many things; one of them is digital marketing. You can join groups on Facebook and Instagram to learn something or two about how marketing works. In addition, market experts now help students by creating lectures on social media platforms related to their respective fields. This not only helps the beginners to learn but also help the experts reach their audience in the most convenient way possible.

Not only this, but Facebook is also a great way to experiment with digital marketing. You can turn your social media page into a business account and start running practice ads to learn how ad marketing works.

· Have your Application

This is an excellent way to practice and learn digital marketing. After all, digital marketing got its popularity from an application, Facebook. Hire someone to build you an application where you can have sections of your services, such as graphics designing or content marketing. Adversities your application on social media, and potential clients can contact you themselves via your application.

You can hire professionals from Appsocio augmented reality app development to help you create an application for you. They are the best at their work and offer affordable rates with promising delivery.

· Freelance and Test skills

Once you have enough knowledge about digital marketing, it is time to test your skills. See how much you’ve learned and what is left to learn. Practice makes everything perfect. Ask your close friends and family who runs small businesses to let you handle their social accounts, and you can experiment with new ideas and concepts.

You can increase the audience by posting good content, running new campaigns for your clients, marketing their products with a strategic approach, and when you think you have a grasp on everything, you can bid for projects and start proper freelancing.

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Theo is a software developer and writer, and he loves to work on different software and writing for Appsocio. He has completed his Master’s in software development and has been a ghostwriter since his graduating days. Theo worked on genres like social sciences, economy, international relations, and history. His unique working style has made him an asset to the team.

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