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How to Get Affordable Financing for Dental Implants?

Get Affordable Financing for Dental Implants

Did your dentist advise you to get dental implants? Well, you are not the only one. More than 3 million people get dental implants each year in the United States. This means it is an effective and popular solution in the restorative dentistry market.

The most common questions most patients have about dental implants include:

  • Are dental implants safe?
  • How much will dental implants cost me?
  • Does my insurance cover dental implants?
  • Is there any dental financing solution available for me?

If you have the same questions on your mind, this blog is for you. Here. you will learn about dental implants, average cost included, insurance coverage, dental financing, and much more.

Let’s begin!

What are dental implants?


Dental implants are a permanent solution to replace one or more missing or damaged teeth. They look exactly like your natural teeth, so you regain your confidence to smile again. If taken good care of, implants can last a lifetime. There are many dental payment plans available to cover the cost.

Other benefits of dental implants:

  • Improved Appearance- Missing teeth can make you conscious and lower your self-confidence. Since implants look and feel like your own, your facial appearance improves, and your natural smile is restored.
  • Retain Function- You can enjoy your favorite foods/drinks, maintain an even bite, and get improved speech.
  • Improve Oral Health- Missing or decayed teeth can lead to severe oral conditions, including dental infection, bone loss, receding gums, and dental decay.
  • Permanent Solution- Unlike dentures, implants are permanent, and you don’t have to take them off for cleaning. Therefore, they are a bit more costly than other dental restorative solutions.
  • Comfortable– Since implants are permanent, you don’t have to undergo any discomfort or pain.

So, these are some of the reasons that make dental implants an ideal solution for missing or decayed teeth.

What is the average cost of dental implants?


Based on the American Dental Association’s Health Policy Institute, the estimated dental implant cost per tooth runs between $3,000 to $5,000. Why? Because it’s not just an implant that you need to pay for. You must also consider dental visits, pre, and post-procedure scans, medications, and other dental procedures. Moreover, the total expense depends on the type of implants, the complexity of the dental condition, and the dentist’s location.

For instance, a single tooth implant can cost anywhere between $31,00 to $5000. And multiple teeth implants could be around $6,000 to $10,000. A complete set of full-mouth implants may cost you $24,000 to $50,000.

Now that you know the estimated cost of getting dental implants, you must know if your insurance covers the expense.

Dental implant insurance coverage

Does your insurance cover dental implants? You must contact your insurance company to know that. In general, insurance either doesn’t cover the procedure or only partially.

So before making a decision, you must understand what your insurance covers and what you need to pay out of pocket. Remember, you don’t only have to pay for implants but also other additional expenses.

If you need dental implants, get them without wasting time, as the infection can impact your overall wellness. To cover the cost, you can get an affordable dental implant financing solution from Denefits.

Dental implant financing

Are you considering affordable dental patient financing to get implants? If you’re looking forward to getting implants, go for easy dental payment plans to cover the cost. It will help you get the needed treatment on time without breaking the bank.

But there are many dental financing solutions in the market. It can be quite a difficult decision to pick the best one. 

How to choose the best financing for dental implants?

Dental implants not only restore your facial appearance and mouth function, but they also prevent further infection and gum diseases. So, you don’t have to wait to get them just because you’re running low on budget. A dental patient financing solution is all you need to reclaim your beautiful, healthy smile.

Here are some factors that will help you choose the best financing option for dental implants.

  1. Easy Approval- You shouldn’t have to wait weeks or months to get approved for dental patient financing. So, choose a provider that offers it within a few minutes so your dentist can start the procedure.
  2. No Credit Checks- Did you know most patients don’t get access to on-time financing due to low credit scores? It means that patients in dire need of financing often get denied by most traditional lenders. Also, financing companies run a hard check on your credit history which may adversely affect your score. Therefore, choose an instant financing solution that runs no credit checks and approves you without affecting your score.
  3. Improve Your Credit– Yes, you read that right. Choose a dental financing solution that helps you build your credit score. You just need to make on-time payments, and it will share your details with major credit agencies. Thus, helping you improve your credit score.
  4. Flexible Payments- When you get a dental payment plan, you need to make payments every month on a fixed day. Now, what if you fail to do so? You can choose a dental patient financing solution that gives you the flexibility to change the payment date. This will help you never miss a payment and make payments on the day that best suits you. Also, make sure there is no referred fee charged to do so.
  5. Simple & Transparent– Choose a dental implant patient financing solution that is simple to understand. Never sign a financing contract if you find the terms are complex and the company is unwilling to explain them to you. Also, make sure there are no hidden fees or conditions that would cause you to pay more than what you actually owe.

So, these are some of the factors that you must consider before taking patient financing for dental implants.


Dental implants are the ideal solution to replace missing or infected teeth. If your dentist has advised you to get them, you must not waste more time as delay can lead to severe consequences. No doubt, they are expensive. So, going for a flexible dental payment plan is an easy way to cover the cost. Consider the factors and tips listed earlier to avoid any fraud and choose the best solution.

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