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How Does a Good UAE Kindergarten School Shape Your Child’s Future?

How Does a Good UAE Kindergarten School Shape Your Child's Future?

Do you know kindergarten can shape your child’s destiny and make him/her future-ready? Yes, a good school can imbibe many skills in your kid and drive them towards success. So, let’s learn how a good kgs school can make them lifelong learners.


  1.     A good KG school has a framework that enables the kids to learn more.


 A standard kgs school does not provide the kids with an excellent education that resonates with their mindset. However, a Montessori-based UAE school has experienced teachers and state-of-the-art facilities that make the students learn at their pace. They have the right learning tools through which they learn literacy, cognitive, motor and expressive skills in a better way.


  1.     The good Kgs School has expert facilitators to make students learn better.


The Montessori UAE school has expert staff that focuses on building remarkable skills among the students. They learn the concept of literacy, numeracy and language uniquely so that it remains etched in their memory forever. The focus of such schools is not on improving their academic excellence; the aim is to facilitate their literacy and fluency skills through different activities.


  1.     A good UAE school teaches preschoolers to evolve confidently.


Most of us are stuck in our life, thanks to our age-old educational approach that never stimulated our sensory and cognitive learning abilities. But the times are changing, and the modern-day schools in Dubai help the kids to learn and adapt quickly according to their surroundings; this certainly brings up the best among the kids and shapes their future. The Montessori curriculum adds value and is a stepping stone to their foundational learning.


  1.     Good preschools use traditional and contemporary pedagogy to make the students learn better.


A good kindergarten school uses traditional and contemporary pedagogy methods and skills to introduce students to different concepts. For example, the students are not traditionally taught in numeracy; rather, various strategies are used to make them learn about numbers and their use.


Strategies used to improve numeracy skills

  •   Numerical rods
  •   Blocks 
  •   Sandpaper 
  •   Golden bead 
  •   Number tiles 
  •   And flashcards 


All these and many more strategies are infused into the curriculum to prepare the students for the future.


  1.     The school aims to build the foundational skills of the children.


The Montessori school aims to strengthen the students’ foundational skills, which helps them thrive when they climb academic ladders. They follow a modern and innovative approach so that your kid does not find school boring but eagerly looks forward to it.


  1.     They have trained teachers.


A standard preschool teacher might be an expert at delivering lectures to students. But, Montessori teachers are CACHE trained and have extraordinary teaching skills that help them to learn about child psychology so that they can exceptionally train the students with utmost care and in a happy environment.


  1.     These schools offer a range of facilities to students and parents alike.


  • A good kindergarten school keeps the security of the students at the forefront by installing CCTV cameras, regular monitoring, digital locks, recognition machines, etc.
  • Parent involvement is made at every step to support the child’s educational journey. Special meetings are conducted with the parents to make them aware of the child’s progress and where they need support. 
  • The SMART learning facilities are provided to imbibe technological skills among the students.



  1.     They aim to make the kids independent.


Dependency is the biggest mistake that parents make in the disguise of pampering. It lowers the child’s self-confidence and makes them feel like a pauper. A good kindergarten school understands that good habits are formed at the grass root level. Hence, the teachers in Montessori schools in Dubai act as facilitators, not instructors. They don’t follow the show-and-do approach; rather, the children learn from their mistakes.


  1.     A good kindergarten school gives children a stress-free environment.


A good kindergarten school removes the class’s stress and creates a warm and happy atmosphere where children thrive and speak confidently. 


  1. Various activities are organised to brace them with confidence.


Confidence hardwires our ability to succeed., Hence, a good international school uses different activities to make your child learn and develop confidence. Some activities that these schools engage in are role-playing, storytelling, etc. It is how they connect with the adults and speak up without inhibitions. Even music classes are organized to make them understand the rhythm and beat, which is important for their physical and mental development.


Bottom Line


These are some attributes of a good kindergarten school and how they shape your child’s future and keep them loaded with confidence. Such schools know different strategies and their correct implementation, so why not enrol your child in a school that aims to strengthen the child from within?

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