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How do International Businesses Utilise Call Centers in India?

How do International Businesses Utilise Call Centers in India?

In this age, call centers in India are in demand worldwide. What, how, and why?

Yes, you read it correctly!

This is because India has the highest educated workforce around the globe. In addition, customer service outsourcing in India is cost-effective.

These are the two key reasons why almost every European and U.S. company wants to outsource their call center to India only.

In today’s competitive market sphere, there are several companies that are doing their startups while not having enough resources to beat the growing competition. Or, you can say that it is difficult for a few companies to be at the top of the market.

So, do you belong to that crowd? Then now, you don’t need to worry about the growth of your organization. Hence, call centers in India are the best way to lead your organization toward growth as well as to be at the top globally.

According to a study, around a third of European and American businesses favor outsourcing their call centers to India. This is, so they have several leverages. Additionally, the majority of foreign or multinational businesses choose an Indian call center when it comes to providing superior customer care, collections, and telemarketing needs.

Let’s briefly review the call center boom in India, the causes behind it, and why India is the top destination for outsourcing call centers. Let’s first talk about some fundamental issues, though, before any of this. So let’s get going!

What is a Call Center?     

A call center is a centralized division that responds to incoming and outgoing calls from existing and potential clients on behalf of a company. It could also be located within the same company or outsourced to a different business that specializes in managing calls.

What Do You Understand by The Term Call Center Outsourcing?

Companies can focus their time and resources on the crucial facets of their businesses, such as product development, content production, and sales, by outsourcing call center operations. Companies may choose to employ an external firm to manage a certain corporate function, such as existing or small business clients, rather than increasing the workforce dedicated to customer care.

Additionally, a company’s call center may be totally taken over by an outsourced call center. This indicates that the corporation is outsourcing all aspects of the call center’s operations rather than just one or two of them.

Call center outsourcing or customer service outsourcing in India is when a firm hires an external customer care organization to staff and manage its call center from a separate location. In this example, the customer service department recruits and trains employees to handle all of the company’s client contacts.

What Services Are Offered by Call Centers in India?

Well, there is a variety of services that are offered by call centers in India. Some of them are as follows. So, let’s have a look at them!

  1. Inbound Services:

Inbound call center services refer to answering customer queries about the product or services to resolve any issues they may have with the services.

The following are a few of the inbound support services:

  • Cross-selling and upselling
  • Resolving customer service issues
  • Maintaining the brand’s image
  1. Outbound Services:

Outbound call center services involve calling current or future customers. These calls are typically aimed at generating sales, offering subscriptions, or retaining clients.

The following are some of the outbound support services:

  • Lead generation
  • Client retention
  • Sales services
  • Appointment setting
  1. Telemarketing Services:

Telemarketing call center services are one of the best ways for the marketing and selling of products by contacting potential customers and letting them know about the features and leverages of your products and services.

The following are some of the telemarketing services:

  • Outbound telemarketing
  • Customer retention
  • B2B telemarketing
  • B2C telemarketing
  1. Technical Support Services:

Customers who require technical assistance are sent to the IT helpdesk. It is also critical to solving consumer technical queries and difficulties with products and services. As we all know, technology is being used by an increasing number of individuals around the world. Agree? In such instances, offering outstanding customer service is critical to retaining and satisfying your present customer base.

The following are some of the technical support services:

  • Technical support of hardware products
  • Technical support of operating services
  • Technical support of emails
  • Technical support of portable devices

What are the Leverages of Customer Service Outsourcing in India?

Well, there are several leverages of outsourcing customer service in India. Some of them are the following. So, let’s examine them!

  1. Running an in-house call center is more expensive.

Internal call centers require a lot of personnel. Large call centers need to constantly find, hire, and train new agents due to the 44% turnover rate. The cost of facilities and infrastructure includes spending on computers, workstations, the internet, modern hardware, and software. An outsourced call center takes on these expenditures in exchange for a contract fee that is typically lower than the price of internally setting up the full system.

  1. Outsourcing call centers allow for greater flexibility and scalability.

As customer expectations and call volumes rise, call centers are getting increasingly congested. A third-party call center service has the ability and resources to meet your rapidly changing requirements, such as 24×7 customer support, after-office hours help, or more agents during peak seasons.

  1. Get the most up-to-date tools, data, analytics, and technology available.

31% of call centers employ video chat, 56% of call centers are pursuing artificial intelligence, and 33% are pursuing process automation. Outsourced contact centers make investments in a variety of technology and systems for data collecting and analysis, quality control, customer service, and omnichannel customer support. They do this in order to satisfy the various needs of their clients. Usually, these tools are too expensive for a small business.

  1. Customer experiences have improved.

Better customer service is provided by agents who are solely focused on taking calls. On the other hand, internal call center employees are frequently required to do a number of tasks. On the other hand, outsourced contact centers are committed to their profession and hire knowledgeable staff who can manage any situation. They are able to deliver first-rate customer service in the contact center industry thanks to their knowledge and abilities.

  1. Contact centers run by third parties are more specialized and employ more knowledgeable employees.

To successfully run a call center and take care of your customers, you need to have a specific set of skills and experience. A call center outsourcing provider will provide insightful recommendations and time-tested tactics based on extensive experience. Additional services like multilingual support may be provided via outsourced call centers, which may be advantageous.

  1. Quality assurance and monitoring have been improved.

Third-party call centers have the required resources, processes, and employees in place to record and analyze all calls, as well as make any necessary adjustments. Their daily, weekly, and monthly reports are generally sufficient to ensure quality at all stages.

How to Choose the Best Call Center in India for Your Business?

Here are a few questions you should think about and ask before hiring a third-party vendor to manage your customer care, according to experts.

Numerous businesses are using external service providers to handle their customer care. But even so, you should take into account the following eight suggestions before employing someone else to manage your customer service. They will help you choose a better call center in India for your company. So let’s look at them now!

  1. To begin with, you should be well aware of what you need or desire before you begin interviewing contact centers.
  2. Speak with various references and other customers.
  3. Confirm that they are the appropriate personnel and assets to oversee your customer service and support.
  4. You should confirm that the data from the contact center can integrate with your CRM program.
  5. Don’t forget to consider social media integration as well. Don’t overlook it.
  6. Location should also be considered strategically.
  7. Every policy, procedure, security measure, and privacy precaution should be considered.
  8. You should be aware of the charges you will face.

Bottom Line:

For many firms today, running an in-house call center is a challenging undertaking. This is so that hiring and training procedures may be completed, which takes a lot of time and money. As a result, a lot of global or multinational companies desire to hire a third-party service provider to manage their call centers in India. This is due to India’s enormously educated workforce, which offers greater customer service at a reasonable price.

Additionally, India offers immediate customer service with no waiting time, which increases client loyalty and trust in your business. All of these factors help your business flourish.

Apart from all these things, it is also important to choose the best customer service provider, and for that thing, you need to consider the following tips that are mentioned above.






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