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Five clever ways to use negative space in your logo design

Logo design is an art and a science at the same time. When you design a logo for your brand, you first want to express what your brand is all about. The logo is any company’s face, without any doubt. That’s why designers find different ways to make logos stand out. In this article, we are mainly talking about a technical specialty called ‘negative space’ in logo design. 

What is negative space?

Let’s first talk about what a negative space is in a logo or web design. It is called interstitial space in the logo or the subject. When a designer designs a logo, they focus on casting all the brand’s characteristics into the logo, and negative space helps them out with that. The space between the letters, the logo’s background, the shapes, symbols, and their alignment comprises the negative space. The negative space makes the logo unique and incorporates all the necessary details regarding the brand. 

Now let’s talk about how negative space can be used in a logo design:

1. The shape within a text or wordmark

Using the remaining space and backdrop, this style incorporates a symbol for the company, product, or service with the text. There are several brilliant logos with this concept. The well-recognized logo of oscar with the shape of the award into it using the background space is an excellent example of this. Logo designers incorporate symbols or shapes within the letters of the logo using the remaining space, which creates a visual effect on the viewers. Once people get impressed with your logo, you are halfway done!

Another example of this kind is the logo for Tata Pravesh Doors, which cleverly substitutes a door for the pravesh’s ‘E’ and uses a white backdrop as a negative space to elevate the door sign. So all it takes is a clever selection of shapes to fit in the logo’s wordmark.

2. The shape within a shape

You can create an exciting logo design using the negative space technique without using letters or words. The most viewed logo these days by netizens is on social media platforms. The logos of Twitter, youtube, and Instagram all depict the shape-within-shape trend of the negative space technique. One of the household’s age-old logos is the Unilever logo on almost all the packaging of our daily chore products. The stuffed ‘U’ of Unilever is a perfect example of using negative space in a logo design. And is also a demonstration of shapes within a shape. 

3. Using only one letter with the rest of the space

Can you think of a logo with only a single letter it says out loud about the brand? Logo designers generally use the initials of the brand’s name; the rest is the game of the negative space. In such logo designs, the color of the negative space also plays a vital role. The logos of Pinterest, Google, Facebook, Quora, and many other brands use single letters, and we are all familiar with the fame of these brands. As they say, less is more, and logo design is the key. The neater, the better.

4. Making the negative space the hero:

There are many logos in which the negative space plays the lead role. The brand’s name and other components are positioned in the empty space so that it effectively doubles as the logo. Have you seen the Batman logo? The red letters of the text and the eyes under the letter ‘M,’ and the black background as the negative space, we cannot ignore it. This shows that making a logo design is a sort of mind game that we are tricked with. The logo of NASA is also an example of this. The space in the background speaks all about it.

5. Writing the text as the image:

The text of the company logo can be shaped as the product. In this case, also, the negative space plays a vital role in the logo design method. The words must be placed in such a way that they take on the form of the object, and the white space makes the object stand out. The Burger King logo is an example of this. Apart from this, many other logos show this technique. Pizza hut and radio Mirchi are other examples of this.


Negative space is a vital element in a logo design. So the excellent use of negative space is a robust tool for logo designers to make their logos stand out in the crowd.

Negative space may be used in a variety of ways to create fantastic logo designs.

We can carve out the product’s shape or its elements within the text of the logo using the negative space. We can use the shape within-shape technique with the negative space and make a good logo without a letter. Use only one letter and leave the rest in the negative space. The logo’s primary component might still be the negative space. Using the impact of negative space, the text of the product name can also be given the shape of the item or an element.

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