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Driveway Security – Imperative Steps To Follow

We are sure you are concerned about the safety and security of your home and family. So, what have you done about it? For the home, you have built strong doors and windows. You have state-of-the-art vigilance via a super-smart surveillance system. But does the buck stop there? Have you accounted for safeguarding your driveway? Puckering brows? Well, don’t! Your driveway is not only the area that creates the first impression for your home but also the space that is mostly used as an entry and exit point. Now, do you understand how imperative it is to secure your driveway?

 Top Tips To Tighten The Secure Your Driveway

Today’s homeowners are smart and tech-savvy. Burglar bars, alarms, security gates, CCTV monitoring – all of these make the job for the criminals a hard nut to break in. Naturally, they look for newer avenues to access your home. Driveways are fast becoming the point of invasion to your home. The actual statistics may shock you – more than 80% of home break-ins are via the driveway gate. Well, do we need to emphasize further the need to secure your driveway? Surely not! The question that now remains is – “How?”! Well, let’s crack that:

  • Prepping your driveway to be safe and secure: A clean and tidy driveway never provides any nook or cranny for a criminal to hide. Shrubberies, large bins, old stuff left on the driveway are all potential refuge spots for the thugs. Encourage your children not to leave their belongings (skates, bikes, toy cars) in the driveway. Proper lighting in the premises armed with motion sensors spotlight the criminal whenever there is an invasion (apart from providing you clear visibility). Strategically placed mirrors help you eliminate blind spots and detect if anyone follows you.
  • Upgrading the gate to the driveway: An automated gate eliminates the chance of manually leaving the door or lock open when you enter or exit your premises. It also eliminates the chances of anyone opening the gate (automated doors sound alarms if intruded upon). Apart from that, a video doorbell system allows you to speak with and see your visitor before you grant access to your home. Often, robbers ring the usual doorbells to make unsuspecting homeowners open the door. So, your best bet would be an automated system and a video doorbell.
  • Revamping the driveway: For safety and beauty, today’s luxury homes prefer an exposed aggregate concrete driveway, and CuraConcrete can assist you in laying the perfect concrete driveway for your home (or even commercial space). Whether you are looking for a solid foundation of concrete or the aesthetics of colored concrete, these expert concreters guarantee 100% client satisfaction. The crushed stones and shells that form the aggregate concrete not only add an aesthetic visual appeal to your driveway (not to mention the anti-skid friction to the surface) but enhance your home’s safety too. The coarse surface often emanates a rumbling noise if a vehicle drives into the space or a crushing noise if someone walks over it. This noise would alert the homeowner of someone’s presence within the premises.
  • State-of-the-art monitoring system: The mere presence of a vigilance camera is often enough to deter criminals from invading your home. This system is a boon for the homeowner to track any activity within the property. Even if the person is away, they can monitor the property just by accessing the system via a smartphone.

Like your lifestyle, the safety measures of your home should also become a part of your routine. Do you check for the locks every time you leave your home? Do you monitor the functionality of your home security system periodically? Well, the safety of your house, including your driveway, is a responsibility that everyone in the family should consider with care. Encouraging your family to actively aid in protecting your property minimizes the risk of leaving your property vulnerable. In the end, that is what we want our home to be – a safe and peaceful haven for the family!

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