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Acupuncture Pressure Points – What They Are and How They Work

Pressure Points

Acupuncture is the art of applying pressure to specific points on the body. You can try applying pressure yourself or hire a licensed practitioner knowledgeable about acupressure. Although few studies prove the effectiveness of using pressure points to treat illnesses, you can safely use hand pressure points to complement your regular medical treatments.


The Lung (LU) 7 pressure point is commonly used as a symptom reliever and can improve the immune system and defensive qi. A depression can identify this point on the base of the thumb. Another well-known pressure point is the Large Intestine (LI) 4, a popular decongestant and anti-inflammatory. Located at the crease of the wrist halfway down from the base of the thumb, LU7 is a good location for any patient suffering from head tension or pain.

A study in 2003 investigated the effects of manual acupuncture on heart rate variability. This measurement, which is sensitive and reliable, was used to assess whether acupuncture had a positive impact on the heartbeat. Researchers divided healthy female subjects into two groups, one as a control group and the other as an experimental group. The experimental group received three treatments of unilateral manual stimulation of acupuncture points. The results showed that acupuncture at the LU7 point significantly reduced heart rate variability.

LU7 is the most common acupressure point on the Hand Taiyin. It can treat several conditions, including pain along the Lung meridian, breathing problems, and emotional blocks.


The LI4 pressure point is located on the back of the Hand between the base of the thumb and the index finger. Using pressure to this point can help treat headaches, backache, and flu. It can also alleviate tension and pain. In addition, massage of the LI4 point reduces pain intensity.

One of the most valuable points for relieving pain is LI 4. It is often used for headaches and migraines but is also helpful for sinus headaches and rhinitis. It is also useful for treating other facial and gastrointestinal issues. This pressure point may even be beneficial during labor. In addition to treating pain, LI4 can also regulate blood flow to various body parts.

In addition to relieving pain, LI 4 is also beneficial for stress and anxiety. Stress-related symptoms can include insomnia, muscle tension, dizziness, and stomach issues. Stimulating LI 4 may also help clear blocked qi and revive fresh energy, alleviating intrusive thoughts.

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The ST36 Pressure Point is one of the most commonly used acupuncture points. In a recent study, scientists used TMS to measure the effect of this acupuncture point on motor cortical excitability. This study found that treatment at ST36 increased motor cortical excitation and reduced inhibition.

The ST36 is located on the anterior aspect of the lower leg, a short distance below the knee. Traditional Chinese Medicine says pressing this point is beneficial for gastrointestinal problems and emotional distress. Additionally, you can use the moment to stimulate the qi and blood of the Stomach and Spleen.

ST36 is located on the anterior side of the leg, about one Cun away from the crest of the tibia. To apply ST36 pressure, place your index finger and pinky finger on the lower border of your kneecap. Then, place an Earth Element Acupressure Stick over the point.


Many people are familiar with the Hegu point. They often press it when experiencing head pain. You must stimulate this point for around 20 minutes to achieve the desired effect. This pressure point is effective for treating various conditions, including headaches. However, pregnant women should avoid using this pressure point.

To apply acupressure to the Hegu point, hold the base of the index finger and the thumb of the opposite Hand. Press the issue until it is firm and feels achy. It is essential to apply pressure to the end for at least 15 to 30 seconds and not apply too much pressure. It is best not to use coercion to this point while pregnant because it may induce labor.

High-Pressure Points are located on the body and have various benefits. You can access them through the fingertips, wrists, and elbows. They are effective in reducing pain and increasing circulation. They are primarily used for headaches and neck tension. In addition, they can help with stiffness and soreness.

Achilles tendon

Achilles tendon pain is a common problem for runners. It typically starts with a burning sensation at the beginning of a run and subsides gradually. It may come back after a run, and in many cases, trigger points in the tibialis posterior and soleus muscles may be responsible for the symptoms. There’s also a condition called Posterior Compartment Syndrome, which causes diffuse pain and is often caused by a tear in the Achilles tendon. It would help if you treated this condition promptly to avoid serious complications.

To treat Achilles tendon pain, you need to know the causes and how trigger points develop. These trigger points result from overuse or acute trauma to the Achilles tendon. This condition may be painful and interfere with your daily routine. This condition is a severe problem for athletes, and treatment should be aimed at restoring mobility and reducing pain.

The pain may also be referred to as soleus trigger points and can occur on the soleus, heel, or calf. It can also spread up into the Achilles tendon region. It may also be accompanied by swelling and difficulty in squatting. Children may also experience these pains, which are often misdiagnosed as growing pains.

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Meaty flesh next to your thumb

If you’re suffering from migraines or stress, the meaty flesh next to your thumb is a prime pressure point to treat these ailments. This pressure point is often used to help with facial and neck pain and relieve stress. It’s important to remember that you shouldn’t stimulate this pressure point if you’re pregnant.

The meaty flesh next to your thumb pressure point is located in the palm of your Hand, in the palm crease. It’s most sensitive when squeezed, and Cruikshank recommends applying moderate pressure for thirty to sixty seconds. You can also use this pressure point to treat digestive issues and common flu symptoms.

Inner gate point

The Inner Gate is one of the most common pressure points in the body. It’s located in the inner forearm, about two or three finger widths from the wrist. This point helps regulate the circulatory system and helps reduce pain. It’s also effective for treating nausea, headaches, and motion sickness.

The inner gate point is not directly on the Hand but is located in the middle of the wrist. The thumb is typically used to massage this point, which helps relieve respiratory and digestive issues. It can also help alleviate cold symptoms. Another important pressure point in the Hand is located on the side of the Hand, between the index and middle fingers. This point helps you to breathe deeply and balance your emotions.

Command point

The Command point in pressure points is crucial for acupuncturists to work with. These points are used to complement the effects of other body points. The patient’s pulse, sound, and color can be affected when the acupuncturist manipulates these points. These can be extremely helpful in the treatment of a range of ailments.

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