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How to Self Publish Your Book – A Guide to Authors

How to Self Publish Your Book - A Guide to Authors

Portraying one’s thoughts, ideas, and fantasies to the world is the dream of many people. A crowd of people likes to write to let the world know a part of themselves. However, not everyone can write as well as they think.

We say that is no issue. You can hire american books writer to do this job for you. People from around the world have impeccable writing skills and are making a living out of them. However, writing a book is one thing but publishing it is another. 

If you have written a book, you really have accomplished something. But getting it published is another challenge that awaits you. 

There are two main strategies for publishing a book. You can either self-publish it or get it traditionally published. However, if traditionally published, the company will own the rights and royalties of your book.

If you want to self-publish your book, this guide is for you.

How to Self-publish a Book?

An author writes with the purpose of people reading the book. If things don’t go as planned, it might be a flop. If you want everything to go ideally, you will have to take a handful of things into account.

They say perfection is unreal. Let’s strive to publish a perfect book. We are providing you with a list of things that should be a part of self-published books. Starting with:

Different Story

Many people start writing after being inspired by someone. That is an extraordinary start. However, there are times when their writing reflects others. Moreover, your work should be original.

Like, people relate one movie to another, and readers relate one book to another. They can immediately tell if a story is original or improvised.

If you are about to publish your first book, make sure it has a different plot and storyline. Your readers will be more interested if they find something unheard and unread. 

Writing an outstanding book can help you make a special place in your reader’s heart and mind. That will for sure help you in future.

Exceptional Editing

After all our research, we believe even a professional writer needs editing and proofreading. Hence, to make your masterpiece look better, you need to edit like a professional. 

Sometimes it is not the major mistakes that ruin our efforts but the minor ones. However, by keeping a present mind and with all dedication, you can cancel out all the mistakes.

Having a history of editing and proofreading books or articles would be very helpful in revising your book. However, if not, we suggest you hire an expert to do it for you. 

Design an Attractive Book Cover

What would be the first look of your book? Well, the first thing your audience will notice is your book cover. 

In this era, many people judge a book based on its cover. There may be no time for you to prove your writing if your audience doesn’t pick your book. However, you can make your first impression ever-lasting.

Let’s all agree that aesthetics attract everyone. It is a plus point to design a very eye-catching cover for your book. Moreover, you can also reflect a tiny bit of your story through the book cover. Based on your book tone, choose the color palette wisely. 

If you succeed in capturing your audience’s attention, there is a high chance your book will be a victory.

Promote Yourself

Social media can be your biggest support in this era. We cannot suggest a better way to market yourself and the book. 

If you are not a social media person, it is your time to explore the apps. However, if you are, you know how this works. Anyhow, here are a couple of examples. You can use platforms like Instagram and Youtube to promote yourself. 

If your book launch is in 8 months approximately, you can start your own Instagram page or Youtube channel. But if you plan to launch your book in a couple of months, we suggest you advertise your book through social media.

You only have to find the right person to promote your book, and that is it. It is fair to say that you are lucky if your book marketer offers free advertising. But generally, expect paid advertisements these days.

Choose Your Publishing Platforms Wisely

Choosing a publishing platform can be the most puzzling yet essential part of your self-publishing process. If you have an experience or know-how about publishing platforms, you need only a little research. However, if you lack knowledge about it, don’t jump on the first option you see.

On your way to finding the perfect platform, be sure that you know its pros and cons. Remember, everything has some disadvantages. However, it would be our sincere suggestion to let go if the platform is expensive. Consider this an investment.

You can possibly have a hard time finding the perfect platform to publish your book. Therefore, we have made a list of the best online publishing platforms:

  1. Kindle Direct Publishing
  2. CreateSpace
  3. iBooks
  4. Kobo
  5. IngramSpark

Work on Its Sequel

Sequel? Just now? Yes, that thought is natural. However, as an author, you would know people have a question, “what is next?”. Once your book is out, your readers will start expecting a sequel to the book.

If you already have the perfect story for your sequel, take a mug of coffee and start writing your first draft. However, you can also take your time and think about your next storyline. You can end your story with this sequel or change the plot. It is up to you. 

What matters is that your story should be as compelling and absorbing as before. Writing a sequel to get more profit is not a good idea. Our recommendation would be to work on an eye-catching story. If that’s not possible, end your story beautifully. As a result, your masterpiece will forever stay classic.

Perks of Self-Publishing

Being a first-time writer, you must not be sure if you should take the risk to self-publish or not. There was a time when people believed that those who didn’t want to succeed go for self-publishing. However, there is no such misconception anymore. 

It has been proved over the years that self-publishing authors get to keep 50-70 percent of the book’s profit. Whereas if your book is traditionally published, there is a high chance that you get only up to 12 percent of profit. 

Moreover, the world goes by the internet. Not a second goes by without people getting recent updates via the internet. 

The privilege self-publishing authors have is that once they have a complete book ready, they can publish it online the next second. And who knows, maybe cash in the other few seconds. Whereas traditionally published books take at least 18 months to get on the market.


As said before, writing a book is one thing, and publishing it is another. No doubt you wrote the book will all dedication and effort. It is now time to let people see your work. 

Self-publishing a book can be a challenging task. It is possible you may not meet your expectation on the first try. However, there is a higher chance of getting succeeded.

This guide includes all the major and minor things that you should focus on when publishing. We personally believe you are all set to publish your book. But if you still need an expert to advise, hire a professional firm in your area. All the best for your book!

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