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6 Tips To Hire Android Developer for Your Business Application

Hire Android Developer

Today, mobile apps have become a need for every business. Businesses trust Android for their promotion and branding. With an Android app, your customers can reach your business easily. To have a perfect app, you must be clear on various factors like a programming language, platform, privacy policy, etc. To develop an app, you need to hire Android developer. Here are some tips for you to find the best Android developer for your business.

Language Proficiency

The Android developer must be proficient in these two languages either Java or Kotlin. They must be well versed with the language structure, syntax, and fundamentals. They must have knowledge/experience of the below concepts.

Android SDK

The developer you hire must be aware of the fundamentals of views, view groups, layouts of Android SDK, data storage, action bars, using apps for multiple devices like phones, tablets, etc.


Any app will require data storage. So your app must be integrated with the database to manage all the data. The developer must have knowledge of working with SQL and should also be responsible for database management.


Extensible Markup Language(XML) is used in the development of web solutions. It is important for app development as XML is useful for accessing web data. The data of Android apps have to be transferred to the web and vice versa so it is imperative for an Android developer to have this skill.


An Android developer does not have to develop the backend, but he must have a clear understanding of the backend part of your application. He must be able to understand backend programming languages such as Python, Java, JavaScript, Node.js, .Net, etc. to bring the best to the table.


The developer must be able to work on API or third-party API and must have a basic knowledge of JSON/REST APIs etc.


The important thing to consider is the experience of the developer. Because developing a market-centric or business-centric app can be tricky and require tough logic. So a proficient and experienced developer will be able to achieve the target in a short period of time. You can also review the developer’s previous projects that will give you how his approach is, the quality of his delivery, time taken to complete the project, etc. Developing the Android apps requires a lot of attention and hard work, so this will give you the idea of whether he is fit for the job or not.  

Innovative Approach

It is a must to hire an Android developer who has a vision and an innovative approach to the project. To get the most out of him, first, you need to figure out your requirement. Consider whether your app is native, cross-platform, or hybrid. What will you do for data storage and hardware access? You need to specify the main objective of your app to the developer. The developer can focus on the functionality and design based on the type of problem you will be solved with this app.

NDA and Privacy Agreements

Once you hire an Android developer, the first thing you need to do is to sign an NDA or privacy agreement. After it is signed you can start working on the project. This bond will ensure the safety of confidential information of your business. Also, consider getting property rights of the Android app to avoid any discrepancies in the future. 

Post Development Task

Before you hire dedicated Android developer, discuss the post-development tasks like app submission, testing, bug fixing, support, maintenance, etc. So consider these factors before you hand your project to the developers so that you have a perfect app in action. 


For any business budget matters. So while hiring a developer, do not focus on low price because you might end up with a poor quality app that is of no use for your business. But you also do not need to hire a developer whose charges are quite high. Higher payment would not ensure a high-quality app. So focus on the developer’s ability, knowledge and experience, and budget-friendly price. If you consider all these points then you will be able to have an app that is quality-driven and feature-rich at a reasonable price.

Wrapping Up

To ensure your Android app has all the great functionalities like UI, responsiveness, less loading speed, security, etc. hire Android developer who has the skills discussed in this article. It will make the hiring process much easier for you as you will have a clear understanding.


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