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6 Reasons of Preferring Independent Av Over In-House Av

The experience of hosting a single event makes the importance of AV equipment clear. If Av works well, everything for the event goes well. Because of the right, Av equipment event runs seamlessly on a schedule. The presenters without any difficulty specify their points. As a result, each person in an audience leaves the venue by learning something. The purpose of every event is to convey a message most conveniently. Because the accurate communication of the message is the core purpose that every event producer wants to fulfill. So, being an event producer, you can’t afford any compromise on Av equipment.

When you select any hotel as an event venue, its management persuades you to go for in-house AV. Most event producers get ready for it because of getting Av supplier without an effort. They consider it a smart move because they have saved a lot of time from getting wasted. Time is money, and no one can deny that. But independent Av Hire London is in your best interest, not an in-house Av. Following are the main reasons that prove in-house Av is not in your best interest:

  • They lack passion for AV
  • Split attention among different events.
  • Only an independent Av can provide you with a truly professional experience.

Solid Reasons Of Opting For Independent Av Hire:

These reasons provide you with enough evidence in favour of independent Av hire.

1.    Trust Building Is Important For Working With Someone Else:

The independent Av works with a pure intention of benefitting its clients. They pay close attention to the event’s goals and requirements. In case of a vague idea, it helps you in conceptualizing it in the best way. Seeking assistance from the same provider in each event will assist in building a strong relationship. But if you go for the new service provider every time, there will be a need of building relations from a scratch. It will be difficult for your team to connect with every Av provider at the same level. The discomfort in coordination could be disastrous for the event.

2.    Provide Consistent Experience:

The professional Av Hire London maintains its inventory. So, it means you will get the same equipment and support for the sequel of the same event in different cities. When it comes to branding events, consistency in events matters a lot. Because set a specific image of your brand in their mind. You can’t afford to change that image every time. Consistency in the environment is important for making a specific place of brand in a market.

3.    Av Team Will Show Full Dedication To Your Event:

The in-house Av teams have to support various events simultaneously. So, you can’t expect from them undivided attention for your event. If you need undivided attention, only an independent Av can do this for you. In any worse situation, you won’t feel helpless because of not being able to track any help. There will be no pressure on you for solving the problem by yourself. You can’t rely on in-house AV because it can abandon you at any time.

Only undivided attention can bring the best results for your event. Because no event deserves to be taken for granted. The negligence in the event’s arrangement affects your capability of engaging the audience. Engaging today’s audience is not as easy as the previous audience. Because they lose interest in an event in a matter of minutes. Once the audience loses interest, no hope for the event’s success remains behind.

4.    No-Risk Of Hidden Cost:

The in-house Av has to pay a specific amount to hotels as a commission. As a result, they charge you additional fees in the form of hidden fees. But when you go for independent Av Hire London, they specify everything in front of you in the form of a contract. The specified charges for their service helps you in allocating the budget for other tasks in a better way. By this decision, you will be sure that no hidden fee is going to disturb your budget.

5.    Utilization Of Same AV Agency Means Less Stress:

Strong relations with any Av agency means that you will get constant support. Whenever you are in need you know exactly to whom you should contact. The presence of a quality Av agency at your venue is nothing less than having gold. For reaching in-house Av, you have to consult with the front desk officer first. Sadly, still, you won’t be able to have a clear idea of how long will it take to fix your problem. In contrast, you will get one point of contact in the case of independent Av.

6.    Complex Setup Requires For A Complex Event:

For arranging a large and impactful event, you need technical assistance. Because this event can’t get done with only a podium or a projector. The Assistance of professional London Av Hire is a necessity for arranging that kind of event flawlessly. It’s easy for professionals to conceptualize a complex far better than anyone else. They are capable of coming up with a variety of innovative ideas that will wow your audience.

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A great impression on people forces them to listen to your message. The only thing which can impress the audience is the high-quality Av. So, we can’t compromise technical assistance and quality of Av equipment only for someone’s sake. Don’t let yourself be pressurized by someone else. It’s your event and you have full authority to decide what’s best for it.

Final Comments:

The true experience of the Av equipment brings excitement to your event. Their experience can trigger mind-blowing ideas in your mind which results in a spectacular event. Independent Av service providers like Av productions don’t only check the boxes. They are truly motivated to do something exceptional on your behalf. So, for the next event don’t readily accept the offer of in-house Av. Always consider all aspects of the decision before making it final. Because you can suffer a lot by a wrong decision relevant to Av equipment.

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