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What Are the Advantages of Online Workspaces for Teachers?

If you’re a teacher, there’s a good chance that you’ll benefit from using an online workspace tool like Dojoit. An online workplace is a web-based application that enables users to share and collaborate on work with others through a network. Due to the recent pandemic, collaborative teaching with online whiteboards has grown in popularity. Collaborative and participatory workspaces increase the bar for collaboration and involvement.

What are the benefits of using an online whiteboard in a classroom setting? Continue reading for other useful tips.

Online whiteboard

Students should collaborate more often.

Online workplaces enable students, teachers, and other educators to collaborate online. Using collaborative software such as Hoylu, users can create and modify items such as drawings, text, lists, images, and videos.

No longer is education confined to schools and classrooms. If they are unable to study during school hours, the majority of children study on laptops or other devices at home (which is why we see more A grades than ever before).

Online workplaces have simplified collaboration between professors and students — even those from separate institutions or countries.

Easily create and distribute course resources.

An online workspace is advantageous for generating instructional content since it can provide high-quality digital assets (such as photographs or drawings) and schedule lessons efficiently.

Additionally, an internet workstation can be used for information exchange. You may create and share presentations online using whiteboard software.

Because presentations are created online, you won’t have to worry about printouts or hauling around massive volumes of information. As a result, your pupils will be able to access these digital resources from any location on Earth.

Maintain order and cleanliness.

Everything is conveniently stored and organized within Dojoit’s numerous offices. This makes it simple to organize your belongings.

With real-time updates, you’ll have access to over 55,000+ collaborative pages, allowing you and your students to accomplish assignments in an engaging and productive manner while maintaining a structure that works for you and your students.

Demonstrate to pupils how online cooperation works.


Some students may be unfamiliar with online whiteboards; therefore, if you wish to acclimate your students to online collaboration, an online whiteboard may assist in the shift from traditional teaching methods.

Online whiteboards can assist you in teaching your students how to collaborate effectively through the use of shared materials such as lesson planning or student presentations. The usage of online whiteboards has also been found to increase student’s engagement in the learning process.

It’s Ideal for Visual Note Taking

Students who prefer to take visual notes can benefit greatly from the use of online whiteboards. They make it possible for anyone, even teachers, to design a range of sketching tools that can be used in class as visualization aids or simply for enjoyment. In addition, they can combine films and audio recordings into their presentations.

Dojoit is a completely free application.

Did you know that Dojoit may be used for educational purposes fully for free? That is absolutely correct! Dojoit is available to you for free if you are a teacher or a student at your school.


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