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Your Cleaning Company For Moving Cleaning Alvis Stad

It is clear that you should book moving cleaning with us. This is one of our most popular services! Our cleaning company offers cleaning services throughout Sweden. With competent staff , we offer the service and quality that leads to satisfied customers.

In addition to this, you of course get a cleaning guarantee. It ensures that you get cleaning that you are happy with. This applies regardless of whether you need moving cleaning in Malmö or another Swedish city. We do a detailed job that you can trust!


You always get moving cleaning with a cleaning guarantee when you book us. We guarantee you quick feedback both on the quote and when you have questions regarding your moving cleaning . Our employees work with the goal of delivering quality. This regardless of whether it is moving cleaning or regular cleaning.

Our cleaning company is available to you around the clock and we always try to give answers and quotes as quickly as we can. When the moving cleaning is completed, you get a guarantee so that you know that the home is ready to hand over or move into.

För dig som behöver Hemstädning Luleå med kompetens. Beroende på ditt behov kan detta vara ett engångsbesök eller återkommande besök. Du som kund får alltid 14 dagars garanti. Är det första gången du bokar via Älvis Städ får du dessutom 10% rabatt!


Book moving cleaning with us 24 hours a day. Did you realize that you have to get the moving cleaning done now immediately bums? Do not panic, we will help you!


  • High quality
  • Good price
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning products
  • Guarantee

All this whether you are out in good time or in a hurry. We want you as a customer to receive good service and good treatment in all situations.

Contact us and we will be happy to tell you more about how we can help you and what is included in moving cleaning with us.


If you want help from a cleaning company at a reasonable price, you have found the right one. We are good at offering quality cleaning at attractive prices. We have long experience and incredibly talented employees.

Moving cleaning with quality is a matter of course for all of us at Anette’s Moving Cleaning. With us, you therefore get affordable moving cleaning with generous guarantees for a full 7 days after moving cleaning.

With quality moving cleaning at a market-good price and cleaning with  window deductions  , it is well worth booking us. You do not have to take care of the cleaning yourself and it will be approved!

We clean with good knowledge of what is required for a moving cleaning. You can also let us know if there are special points that should be included in accordance with your agreement or lease. Window cleaning is included in our moving cleanings when the temperature allows it.


We move cleaning with good quality and service. Feel free to look in our menu which cities we work in. If you do not find your city, you can still be sure that we can try to solve it as smoothly as possible.

We offer flexible cleaning services, which gives you really good service. It is possible to tailor the cleaning and we will take care of the RUT deduction. We follow the Swedish Brokers’ Association’s guidelines for what should be included in moving cleaning.

We are also proud to be a cleaning company that handles slightly heavier assignments. You can contact us for help with the following:


We handle everything in cleaning and we are active in so many cities. Today we are the obvious choice for reliable and thorough cleaning all over Sweden! Of course we take care of cleaning for both individuals and companies. We perform stair cleaning, office cleaning, shop cleaning and everything you need help with.


If you need building cleaning after your renovation or moving cleaning when you are moving, we can help with that. Experienced staff and attractive prices are good reasons to contact us. We take care of rough and final cleaning for new tenants and you can recharge your batteries and do what you do best!

Figure out what you want help with?

Figure out what you want help with. Everything from ironing to general cleaning can be booked. When you book Anette’s Alvis Stad AB, everything is possible and we can tailor your services based on your specific needs.

Before you choose a cleaning company, you can list in advance the things that are important to you. Dare to ask questions to the cleaning company and see if they can deliver what you want help with. References are something you can also ask for.


Establishment and death settlement can also be booked with us. We know that it’s a lot about an estate. If you need cleaning of estates , we are the right choice as you want the whole thing to be taken care of nicely and efficiently. We have many years of experience in helping with both estates and estates. In addition, we have all the insurance and transport permits required for this work.


Relocation assistance when you move? We offer help with moving throughout Sweden where we are happy to help you from one home to another. Our moving company has permits and insurance. You can get a fixed price according to cubic and distance.

We offer professional moving assistance at a reasonable price. We also make it easy for you to combine the move with moving cleaning. When you book both services through us, you can get a better price!

Do you need cleaning often?

When you need help with cleaning, you need to think about how often you may need help. It can be good to test every other week or once a month and then decide what suits you best.

Before choosing a specific cleaning company, book a cleaning and see if they meet your expectations, and feel free to test several before you choose. By getting help with your cleaning, you get the opportunity to do other things of your free time, and you then never want to clean yourself again.


If you are currently thinking about whether you should take care of the moving cleaning yourself or pay for it, we can only say that you should not do the moving cleaning yourself! Book us at an attractive price and use the time for other things. There is so much to stand in around a move and you really do not need to put on any more.

Let our cleaning company take care of the moving cleaning and look forward to it being done in accordance with the rules without you having to lift a finger. We relieve you in everyday life and when you move. We are professionals in what we do and you can continue to focus on what you are good at!


To book us, you just need to fill out our form. Enter information about square meters and extra surfaces that can be found in and around the home. We will return as soon as we can with a quote and a plan. If we agree, we can book the cleaning and we will carry it out in accordance with a smart plan.

Dags för Flyttstädning Luleå ? Oavsett om din anledning är för att du inte har tiden, vill spara energi eller undvika stressen är det alltid en klok idé att boka flyttstädning via Älvis Städ. Du som kund får alltid 14 dagars garanti. Är det första gången du bokar via Älvis Städ får du dessutom 10% rabatt!

You can look forward to having the cleaning done by a thorough cleaning company. In addition, we only work with environmentally friendly cleaning products and cleaning methods. All so that it will be clean with a clear conscience!

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