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Why Are Open-Air Photo Booths Ideal for Birthday Parties?

Birthday parties are a way of celebrating ‘YOU’ every year with your friends and family. But how do you keep those memories safe forever? Sure taking pictures is a great way to secure your memories but is clicking a few pictures here and there enough to entertain your guests? 

No, right. You’ll need something EXTRA to take your entire birthday decor to another level of fun and excitement.

And the best way to do this is to arrange a photo booth set up at your birthday bash. 

Now, there are so many photo booth options available in the market that choosing the right one can be daunting for anyone. We personally prefer open-air photo booths for a birthday event. 

That is because open-air photo booths are easy to organize compared to other photo booth alternatives available in the market. Just add a few fun birthday photo booth props and you’re all set to sizzle up your bash like never before. 

Here are some of the many reasons why an open-air photo booth can be a perfect choice for your event…

Easy on pocket

Open-air booths are way more affordable than other high-end photo booth options available in the market. Here we’re talking about rotating booths and mirror images booths. So, if you’re on a budget, an open-air booth is the way to go.


This is a time of social media. Having your Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter feed up to date is really important these days. These open-air photo booths are not only trending right now but they can also help you give your hashtag goals and perfect pictures to post in no time. 

Easy Customization

You don’t really have to go with whatever open-air photo booth option you see in the market. 

Even the basic photo booth options can be personalized with the right selection of accessories and props. You can even ask your photo booth rental service to provide you with a better camera, personalized backdrop, and creative birthday photo booth props. 

Easy Rental

Open-air booths are easily available. Because it is one of the most common photo booth types, almost every photo booth rental service has them in stock. 

All you need to do is do some research beforehand. For instance, if you’re planning to rent out a booth offline, you can ask for recommendations from friends and family. 

Similarly, if you’re looking to rent one online, you can review different websites, read testimonials, and compare prices before making a final decision.

Memory Savior

Open-Air Photo Booths are an ideal way of remembering old times. They make taking pictures memorable by themselves. 

Sure, photos on your mobile can also have a great sentimental value but these hard-copy photos will let you recall all the fun times you had while clicking pictures with your friends and family. 

Not only you but your birthday party will be remembered by your guests as well.

Assured Assistance

The photo booth companies usually provide an assistant when delivering an open-air booth to your party. The job of these attendants is to help you and guests click perfect shots every time. 

This will also prevent any kind of harm or damage that could occur to the booth in case of negligence or misuse. 

Availability of Space

Open-air photo booths are big enough to fit your whole squad up for that perfect picture of the party. You can bring different props to make the entire experience even more fun and exciting.

Because open-air booths are set up on a floor with no enclosure, more people can join and take pictures without having difficulty fitting– something that happens often when you choose to go with other types of booths. 

Instant Results

What we love the most about open-air booths is that it enables you and your guests to instantly print out the hard copy of their clicks. 

These pictures can also make perfect party favors. Every time your guests will view those pictures, it will remind them of the amazing time they had at your bash.

Wrap up

Open-air booths are easy to install, more manageable, and are easy-on-pocket too. Even if you’re planning your bash on a budget, you can consider including this type of photo booth in your birthday decor

Just ensure you discuss your needs with your chosen photo booth rental company as doing so will help you make your photo booth experience more personalized for your guests. 

We hope that this post reached its goal and helped you understand the benefits of an open-air photo booth and how it can jazz up your birthday event

Which photo booth do you prefer for your events? Are you willing to give an open-air booth a try after reading this post? Share your feedback in the comments section below. We’d love to know about your preferences.

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