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Who give best hard drive recovery dubai

hard drive recovery dubai

Hard drive recovery dubai has more than a decade experience recovering data from all types of devices, including RAID, flash drives and hard disk drives. The 96% success rate of our engineers is a result of their extensive experience with every type and variety device failure.

Our Research and Development department invests heavily to develop and implement new data recovery methods for both existing and emerging media. We are the industry’s most trusted hard drive recovery dubai because of our commitment to keeping ahead in a competitive marketplace and the numerous certifications we have.

Hard drive recovery dubai

Secure Data Recovery can be used with laptop or desktop hard drives as well as external drives. It works in any failure scenario, from the hard drive clicking to the device refusing to boot up.

Apple Mac Recovery

Our Mac OS specialists can repair iMacs, MacBooks and iPhones without voiding any warranty.

Laptop data recovery

Our engineers can retrieve data from a hard drive that has been crashed, overwritten, or wiped clean of any laptop model.

Desktop Data Recovery

We offer a complete range of media repair and data recovery services for desktop computers. We can recover files from Windows, Mac and Linux as well as Unix operating systems.

RAID Data Recovery

Secure imaging for failed RAIDs protects your original hardware and prevents further damage. Our engineers have proprietary tools that allow us to retrieve your data from any RAID type.

RAID Repair AND hard drive recovery dubai

Our engineers can repair RAIDs damaged in a Class 10 ISO 4 cleanroom. To avoid downtime following a RAID failure, we will provide a complete disaster recovery plan.

SAN Data Recovery

All manufacturers of Storage Area Networks, including NetApp, EMC and Dell, are supported by our training. Secure Data Recovery can recover your files from physically or logically damaged SAN storage.

NAS Data Recovery

Professional recovery services are required for NAS systems to quickly return files. Secure Data Recovery offers the fastest turnaround time in the industry for NAS system.

Server Data Recovery

Servers are large storage systems that require more work. Our engineers will fix your server and recover all your data, while minimising downtime caused by data loss.

Tape Data Recovery

Businesses can reduce their costs by using digital data tape, which provides reliable backup for many decades. Secure Data Recovery Dubai engineers can treat physical damaged DLTs and LTOs as well as other types of data tapes if they fail.

Database Data Recovery

Our database experts are familiar with all types of databases, including SQL, Access, Oracle and many others. Our database data recovery success rate is 96% and we use the most secure protocols during the recovery process.

Encrypted Recovery

While other data recovery companies might struggle to provide encrypted data recovery services for their clients, we have unrivalled experience with EFS encryption and all other encryption implementations. We will send your encrypted files back to you via secure transfer media.

Remote Data Recovery

Secure Data Recovery uses the most up-to-date remote recovery tools to keep the whole process private for our clients.

Data Recovery on-site

For the most sensitive and difficult data loss situations, we offer professional data recovery services on-site. Our data recovery specialists can recover any device within your business.

SSD Data Recovery

SSDs are a very popular flash memory type for storing important data at both an individual and enterprise level. We can rebuild or recover SSDs and SSD-HDD hybrids, without media damage.

USB & SD Card Services

We have innovative methods for recovering data from flash drives, SD cards, and other types of flash memory. Both physically and logically impaired devices can be treated.

Email and File Recovery

Our specialists can recover one email or the entire archived email chain.

Mobile Recovery

Our certified experts are mobile phone recovery specialists who can work on both Apple and Android mobile devices. Secure Data Recovery allows you to securely access deleted messages and application data, without violating any warranties.

Digital Forensics

Our digital forensics team uses the most recent tools to locate court-admissible evidence for digital crimes in civil, criminal, and business lawsuits.


Our eDiscovery process allows legal professionals to locate digital data that is relevant to their case, while still adhering to Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.

Additional Services

We offer services such as database conversion, secure media disposal and media conversion. Our facilities are equipped to handle all digital device procedures.

Service Options

Our customer service is tailored to meet the client’s needs. We offer standard, expedited, and emergency services. We can solve your data loss problem in the fastest turnaround time.

Emergency Services

Secure Data Recovery offers the most comprehensive range of professional media repair and data recovery options. We will provide quality service and minimize downtime.

Our Secure Process

You can send your media to any of our data recovery service providers, or drop it off at any of our more than 250 locations across the country.

Our engineers will perform diagnostics on the media and determine the price point as well as the estimated turnaround time for your device’s recovery. If approved by the client, our engineers will complete the recovery. We will not charge more than the agreed price, even if it takes more work.

Our engineers will recover your files and deliver them to you on FIPS 140-2 level 3 certified transfer media. This ensures that your files are safe during transit.

To receive information about our computer data recovery costs and delivery details, call us at our contact numbers.

Our pricing structure is kept simple so that all can afford it. It is without a doubt

We strive to make our customers’ lives as easy and convenient as possible. Therefore, we offer a highly efficient on-site data recovery service to ensure that clients don’t waste their precious time transporting their devices to our facility.

If a complex issue arises, we will take your device to the service center. We also deliver it back to you at no cost after the data recovery process is complete.

We provide tracking numbers for all service orders to ensure transparency and efficiency. This allows our clients to track the progress of their order.

If you have any Computer data losses issues, don’t worry. Give us a call or send us a message. We will provide the best data recovery solutions. We’ll make sure you have a pleasant experience working with us.

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