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Which Flower Should You Give As A Wedding Anniversary Gift?

Flowers are amazing gifts you can offer during a wedding anniversary. They could be romantic flowers for your spouse or just anniversary flowers for your friends. However, there are some traditions attached to gifting flowers. Each flower has a meaning for different occasions. You can offer flowers in the year of marriage you are celebrating. Here are the flowers you should give as wedding anniversary gifts for each year. 


People have offered carnation flowers on the first anniversary for a long time. Red carnations are a common choice since it shows intense love. Fluffy and delicate, they symbolize sweetness, passion, and optimism. 


In the second year of marriage, love grows from simplistic to complex. Cosmos flowers are a symbol of transformation. Thus, they fit well for second-anniversary flowers.


Living with someone for three years creates passion for one another. Also, a couple has started laying the foundation for their marriage life. Thus, they exchange sunflowers as a symbol of strength and passion. 


Geraniums are a symbol of comfort. By the fourth year, a couple is comfortable with each other’s behavior, cheekiness, stubbornness, and other habits. Thus, they exchange geraniums to confirm it. 


A daisy is a well-structured flower. On the fifth wedding anniversary, people give them away to show they have a solid foundation. You can also gift them to your friends during their anniversary. 

Calla Lily

The sixth-year marks the second phase of your marriage life. You already have kids, running careers, and probably a few investments. Thus, your life is sophisticated. Couples need romantic flowers that are also a symbol of unique and wonderful growth. Calla Lily is the best choice for the sixth anniversary.


Freesias have breathtaking scents. On the seventh anniversary, you can offer them to express undying love for your spouse. 


By the 8th year, you need to apply intelligence and intellectual abilities in all aspects of your marriage. Thus, it’d help if you had a flower that symbolizes that, and it’s none other than the clematis. 


Poppies are a symbol of imagination and oblivion. When a marriage hits nine years, the couple is almost sure it will last forever. Thus, the flower fits perfectly for the occasion. 


The traditional flower for the 10th anniversary is daffodils. It conveys that the couple is ready to create more astounding memories even after one decade has lapsed. 

Morning Glory

The 11th year marks the beginning of a new decade. The morning glory flower shows love and affection and creates a cheerful and comfortable environment. 


Peonies have intricate petals. They look like they understand each other and converge at the center. That’s what a married couple does by the 12th year. They know each other and always have a solution to come together. 


Mums are a symbol of royalty. Our marriage is a small empire that deserves the honor. Thus, you can offer your spouse or your friends some beautiful chrysanthemums on their 13th anniversary.


Dahlias are usually two-toned. Thus, they make an excellent choice for the 14th wedding anniversary gift. 


Roses are known as the ultimate flower for love. They are present on several romantic occasions. However, you have to wait for 15 years before giving your spouse roses as an anniversary gift.


Twenty years is no joke. Several marriages do not enjoy this mark. When you get here, you feel like a star. Thus, the aster is the best anniversary flower for the occasion.


The blue color of Iris makes it unique. That’s why people use it when they are celebrating their silver jubilee. 


Lilies have several meanings. They make an excellent choice for your 30th wedding anniversary. Also, they exist in several colors. 


By the 40th wedding anniversary, all your children have moved out. It’s just you and your spouse. You spice up your love with what you like. The Gladioli flower is a great choice. It’s luminous and brightens up your room as they brighten your passion.

Violets and Yellow Roses 

On your golden wedding anniversary, you can gift your spouse two flowers. Yellow roses and violets are the choices for 50 years’ celebration. Their color contrast shows that you can coexist with your differences.


Not all people follow traditions when sending wedding . However, the knowledge above helps you pick up the best flowers for the occasion. You can choose any hue that you or the couple likes. Remember, the meaning of a flower is strong, and the gesture remains in their heart forever. 

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