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What to do When SQLite Database or Disk is Full

SQLite is basically software that provides a relational database management system(RDBMS). In SQLite, lite means lightweight in terms of setup, database administration, and required resources. It is an open-source, zero-configuration, self-contained, stand-alone, transaction relational database engine designed to be embedded into an application. When you use an SQLite database, it leads to a large amount of data, and the size increases over the well-defined limit. It ends up in the error SQLite Database Disk Image Is Malformed. Behind this error, one of the major is SQLite database or disk is full. Due to this error, your SQLite database may be corrupted. Let’s know some more reasons for this error.

Why Database Disk Image Malformed Error Happen

This error may have a lot of reasons. Here we are discussing some of them. Below are the causes for the database disk image is malformed error.

  • If the SQLite database or disk is full, the database malformed error may occur.
  • When the problem arises in flash/disk drive memory, It becomes corrupt, creating a corrupted SQLite database.
  • This error occurs when SQL database protection may have been disabled during configuration.
  • When any minor bug is present in the SQLite database, then there are chances SQLite database might give you this error.
  • Already having corrupt SQLite files in SQLite database.

So the above causes are responsible for the database disk image is malformed error. Let’s proceed to the techniques to resolve this error.

How to Resolve SQLite Database or Disk is Full Error

If you don’t want to face these corruption issues then it is mandatory to take the SQLite database backup. In case of an emergency, a recent backup will always allow you to restore your database. Follow the above steps to repair the damaged or unhealthy SQLite databases:

  • Firstly, Run the database Browser for SQLite
  • Next, run the database check command and hit the Execute SQL tab
  • Now, you have to type in PRAGMA integrity check and click on play.

Note: If the SQLite database is damaged, then the same error will appear. However, if the SQLite has no issue then you will see “Query executed successfully: PRAGMA integrity_check (tool 0ms).”

  • After that, export the database into SQL.
  • Click on File and select the Export>>Database to SQL file…
  • Now, choose objects that you want to migrate on the dialog box of Export SQL. Also, determine some other options.
  • After this, click the OK button to start the export process.
  • When the database backup is successfully completed, Click on File>>Import>>Database from SQL file to import it back to the SQLite browser.

Above are the steps of the manual method. Now let’s know another approach to resolve the database disk image malformed.

Automated Solution to Fix SQLite Database or Disk is Full Error

The manual approach has been explained above to fix SQLite database malformed errors. But the manual technique may be tricky for novice users. Here we will know the automated solution for fixing this issue. So those users who are not comfortable with the manual method can use Sysinfo SQLite Database Recovery software to quickly solve this SQLite error database disk image is malformed. It is the most efficient way to resolve this problem.


Here, we will sum up the entire post. We understood the causes of the SQLite database malformed issue. One of the main causes is SQLite database or disk is full. Also, The two approaches are discussed of which one is manual and another is automated. Non-technical background users may not utilize the manual approach due to its lengthy steps. So they can perform the automated method. Also, you can check another article to open an MBOX file on mac without any program.

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