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What does it take for a beginner to become an ethical hacker?

beginner to become an ethical hacker

Both technical expertise and an understanding of psychology and social engineering are needed for hacking or pen testing. Want to become an ethical hacker.

Technically speaking, in order to become a skilled Ethical hacker, you must become knowledgeable about the following essential subjects:

  • IT and computer literacy basics
  • Networked computers
  • operating system Linux
  • websites and web applications
  • Programming
  • Cryptography

You don’t have to worry about mastering each of these subjects at once if you’re just starting out. As you progress through the course, beginner’s courses will cover the necessary fundamentals. You can gradually pick up the aforementioned skills as you learn hacking with the right lessons.

The online ethical hacking certification courseby WsCube Tech helps you learn all aspects of ethical hacking from scratch. You don’t need to have any prior experience in cybersecurity to acquire these skills.

IT and computer literacy basics

You must be accustomed to using computers and possess rudimentary knowledge of the operating system (OS) in order to begin your path toward becoming an ethical hacker. For instance, you should be aware of how to install and uninstall software, change system settings, troubleshoot problems, and so forth. All hacking education is built on these foundational skills. Without first mastering these foundational IT skills, you cannot move on to learning the remaining ethical hacking skills.

Networked computers

The majority of modern devices are connected to some type of network, and those networks are frequently the targets of cyberattacks, so understanding computer networking is crucial. You can learn how computers communicate over networks by taking courses in computer networking. You will gain a better understanding of how networks can serve as a gateway for malicious hackers.

OS Linux

Every hacker ought to take some time to become familiar with the Linux operating system. Linux is an open-source operating system that can be used on any server, including those that host websites. The result is that malicious (black hat) hackers frequently target Linux. Therefore, ethical hackers should learn how Linux and Linux-based servers operate. Many of the businesses you’ll work within your hacker career will run Linux.

Due to its open-source nature and the large number of hacking tools that it supports, Linux is also the preferred operating system for hackers.

Websites and web applications

Websites and web-based applications are extremely common ways for people to share and find information online, making them popular targets for cyberattacks. An ethical hacker must learn both how to hack websites and how to protect them from hackers. Every contemporary business will have at least one website where they share crucial information or gather information from website visitors.

Understanding HTML, the markup language used to create websites, and being able to manipulate code written in popular web application programming languages like JavaScript and PHP are requirements for an ethical hacker.


Without programming experience, it is still possible to learn how to hack. However, it will be much simpler for you to succeed if you learn to program. The majority of hacking methods demand programming knowledge.

It’s critical to recognize the benefits and drawbacks of each programming language if you’re a beginner. Use the appropriate programming language for the task at hand. For instance, learning Python and Ruby will help you create your own hacking tools. C, C++, and Java are crucial languages to learn if you want to learn to exploit development or reverse engineering.

The most popular languages used by hackers are:

Python: Python is a great place to start if you have zero prior programming experience. You can even use it as a scripting language, and it is a relatively forgiving programming language with enough power to create standalone desktop applications. To learn Python, there is countless online python course. Python is the foundation of many hacking tools, so you will have access to pre-existing libraries and code that you can use. Python is a preferred programming language for hackers as a result of this.

Hackers adore Ruby, another simple-to-learn but a potent programming language. You can write your own hacking programs if you learn Ruby. The platform was written in Ruby by the developers of the wildly popular penetration testing framework, Metasploit Framework. You’ll be able to enhance and modify current tools and programs written in this language, including the Metasploit Framework, just like with Python.

The programming languages PHP, Javascript, and ASP.net were all created with the web in mind. If you want to become a skilled web pentester or bug hunter, learning them will be very helpful.

Although they might take a little longer to learn, C and C++ are extremely useful programming languages for hackers. Windows and the majority of operating systems rely on these languages. The programming languages C and C++ are widely used, so learning them is necessary if you want to engage in exploit development or reverse engineering.


In order to send data between devices or networks securely and without a third party being able to decipher it, a readable piece of data (such as text or numerical data) is transformed into an unreadable format using cryptography.

In order to test networks and communication channels and secure them from black hat hackers, hackers must understand various encryption techniques and become familiar with their weaknesses.

This is crucial not only to thwart malicious hackers but also to stop internal employees from purposefully or accidentally disclosing confidential information.

Psychology and social engineering

Some hackers employ cutting-edge technical techniques to identify points where they can gain access to a system. Other hackers use psychological tricks to go after people. In order to trick human users into disclosing their passwords or other private information to a third party, which they then use to access a system, malicious hackers have developed various techniques. Imagine how much simpler it would be for a robber to trick someone into giving them the key to their front door than it would be to find a sneaky way to break into the locked home.


What is a good starting point for new hackers to learn hacking?

Getting a degree in computer programming, computer science, computer engineering, or one of many other technical fields can be helpful for someone who wants to pursue a career in hacking. However, you don’t necessarily need a degree to work as an ethical hacker professionally.

Instead of having a specific degree or certification, getting a job as a hacker is more about showcasing your abilities and in-depth knowledge of computer systems.

The best way for newcomers to begin learning to hack is online. You can learn to hack from scratch from the comfort of your home and on your own schedule by taking advantage of the many videos, tutorials, workshops, and online courses available. To understand the essentials of hacking, start by looking for courses that only cover the fundamentals. Prior to exploring more advanced hacking methods, it’s critical to have a firm grasp of the fundamentals. After gaining some knowledge and experience, you can advance to studying highly specialized cybersecurity techniques, either independently or through more challenging courses.

You should keep looking for new books and learning materials to use even after working as an ethical hacker in the field in order to stay up to date with the most recent technical knowledge on vulnerabilities and ways to exploit them.

You can never truly master hacking because the field is constantly developing, changing, and expanding. You’ll need to continue learning new methods, advice, and shortcuts along the way.

Additionally, a variety of computer security roles benefit greatly from hacking skills, making it a lucrative career choice. Companies all over the world are in great need of the skills you develop as you hone your hacking prowess as they search for fresh approaches to safeguard their customers’ data and users’ personal information.

The most important thing is to have fun while learning how to hack computers. You will soon join the elite group of hackers if you enjoy learning and putting new skills to use.


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Happy Learning!

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