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What are the main types of remodeling?

Types of apartment renovations, as you know, are different. In order not to get confused in the definitions, when explaining your intentions to the contractor, you first need to determine what type of repair you want to order. This will determine its cost and the level of specialists who will need to be invited to carry out the work.

According to the quality of finishing, repairs are divided into:

  • simple;
  • improved;
  • high quality.

You can also classify repairs according to the composition of the materials used. The simplest ones are used in economy repairs, the combination of expensive and cheap materials is used in optimal repairs, the most expensive and high-quality materials will have to be purchased before luxury repairs. And so we will analyze all types in order.


This type is divided into simple and cosmetic, with the replacement of finishing materials. Cosmetic can be the kitchen, bathroom remodeling or office remodeling.

A simple cosmetic repair involves the restoration of a room without a thorough replacement of elements. Includes simple plastering of walls and ceilings, wallpapering, changing the color of ceilings, walls and floors. Windows, doors, baseboards are washed and painted, the appearance of the floors is updated. Cosmetic repairs with the replacement of finishing materials, usually they replace wallpaper, remove the old and apply new paint on the ceiling, change baseboards, doors.

Cosmetic repairs

The cosmetic repairs involve a small amount of work. Most often, such repairs are carried out when you need to quickly refresh the appearance of the apartment in a short period of time and without serious costs. As a rule, all cosmetic repairs can be carried out independently, without the involvement of additional forces in the form of a repair team.

Overhaul, or complex repair, is also of two types – simple and complex. With a simple overhaul, they change floors, windows, make a partial reconstruction of the room – for example, they combine a kitchen with a room or a bath with a toilet.

A complex capital is called when all partitions and walls, except for external ones, are demolished in an apartment, they change, and sometimes the water supply and sewerage systems are transferred. Then the layout of the room changes, and suspended ceiling structures, arches, niches and other architectural and decorative elements are added to it. This type requires a lot of effort and, accordingly, time to complete.


With the arrival on the construction market of finishing materials of high European quality from foreign manufacturers. The concept of “European-style rehabilitation” entered the post-Soviet region. It was because of the employment of this style of finish that the locals began to think of themselves as European.

This indicator largely depended on the quality of the repair work itself. It was then that at first the leapfrog with the “European-style renovation of apartments” turned out. Customers purchased expensive European materials, and the end result left much to be desired. The qualification of our masters at that time was quite low, hence the errors in work. Today, everything has changed, because both the craftsmen have improved their skills. Domestic manufacturers of building materials have brought the quality of their products up to the level of the European standard.

Now “European-style renovation of apartments” is not necessarily foreign building and finishing materials. Domestic counterparts are increasingly used in such repairs. Moreover, it should be noted that the latter are several times cheaper than the former. Euro-renovation differs from other types of repairs in that the complex of finishing, design and repair. Work is carried out in the European style, that is, often with the help of designers.

Designer with the interior layout.

This sort of repair entails not only the repair and restoration of the premises,  but also the development of the complete interior of the flat, including furniture arrangement and smart lighting installation. On the interior design of repairs of this type, you will not be able to save money. But professionals will help to reduce unnecessary costs already in the process of work. For example, it is quite possible to confine yourself to interesting wall decor instead of expensive wall alignment. Therefore, it is not worth contacting unknown manufacturers of repair work for this type of work. The slightest mistake will lead to a very deplorable result.


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