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Understand the Concept of Miracles in Islam from Muslim Pro App

There is a reason that you call Prophets brought several miracles on the planet earth because humans cannot do. It is a fact that what Prophet can do in this world, humans do not have the capacity to do that. That’s what we call miracles done by Prophets. And, there is an extensive line of miracles done by Him and all are mentioned in easy to access Muslim Pro App. It is imperative for you to understand the significance of miracles in Islam, before reading or watching a few of them. In general, there are two types of miracles. One sort is something that humans are not allowed to do that. It is because the Almighty has restrained you to perform such things that might turn away you from Him. Such things could be like not worshipping Allah or incapacity to bring the like of the holy Quran. Another sort of miracle is something that you cannot do. It could be like bringing the dead to like, turning a staff into a snake, water flower from fingers, etc. There are many such miracles that are already done by Allah and only He can do so. And, humans do not even have the capacity to attempt the same.

Miracles Done By Prophet

It is better to know the capacity of the Prophet to do anything. He can do several miracles that are the proof of His prophethood and indications of truthfullness. In reality, He has done countless numbers of miracles for the betterment of humankind. He owns the clearest signs and offers the manifest proofs of all the miracles. Even Prophet gave a chance to humans to prove their ability to perform miracles. He challenged to bring a sura to the people of great knowledge and wisdom. None of them could do that even the short sura to the extent of al-Kawthar (108). Thus, every single ayat mentioned in the Holy Quran is a miracle in itself. You can simply refer to free to download Muslim Pro App to read or listen to the Quran in a preferred language. Categories of Miracles Done By the Prophet In general, there are two categories of miracles performed by the Prophet.

First Category of Miracles

The first category is the type of miracle which is known to the world. A miracle that is transmitted to several channels and all the Muslims are aware of the same. Just like giving the holy Quran endowed with life-guiding verses and endless knowledge is a miracle in itself. No one can deny the fact that of Prophet’s power to bring the Quran to the world. Those who deny are even refuted by the very existence of the Quran. The book itself contains countless numbers of miracles performed by the Almighty. There are stories and inspiring tales that make you believe in supreme powers and something powerful around you. Concerning the above, one of the well-known imams said the following: “This principle applies generally to the signs and the breaking of norms that occurred at the hands of the Prophet, for if no single one of them on its own is absolutely fixed and decisive, all of them together reach the level of indisputability. There is no doubt these extraordinary things occurred at his hands and neither believer nor unbeliever dispute their occurrence”.

Second Category of Miracles

The second category of miracles done by the Prophet are famous and a number of people relate to them. It’s like water flowing from the fingers and little food becoming copious for all the people. The other sorts of miracles are not known to many people. Only one or two individuals can relate to them. Even some signs are the best examples of miracles that are known to the world. It includes things like splitting of the moon as the best reference mentioned in the Quran itself. Apart from that, there are several other miracles extensively mentioned in the Quran. You can access the same on the Muslim Pro App and know in great detail.

Tales of Prophet are the Guiding Force

Believe it or not, there are extensive stories and miracles done by the Prophet that is guiding force for life. It happened because of letting Muslims believe in the Almighty. It allows people to know there is a supreme power by their side. And, for that reason, Islamic individuals indulge in the manifold types of religious activities. It includes fasting, prayer, giving charity, respecting the poor, feeding the people, and more. All these are the reflections of miracles that happened that teach you how to make your own set of duties and responsibilities.

About Muslim Pro App

Muslim Pro application is the single best online source to gather in-depth details of the Islamic religion. It provides you with all the knowledge, learnings, and motivational aspects of the religion. All you have to do is download the free app and refer to the useful information to become a pure Muslim. Also, follow the traditions and customs of the religion in a proficient manner. Download the app now!

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