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The TV remote control does not work, the buttons are faulty – repair or replacement ?! – Independent troubleshooting and repair of the control. The TV turns on and is controlled by the buttons located on the control panel, but does not want to work with the remote control? The reason is in the control itself or the TV receiving device.

Let’s start by checking the remote itself. No matter how trite, check its operation with new batteries. It’s not the batteries? It is good if it is possible to use another remote control for testing. With a replacement remote control, the device turned on, so not everything is so bad, if not, then the TV needs to be repaired – we call the wizard.

TV remote control button repair

Non-working Remote control buttons are a common malfunction that occurs after about 4-5 years of operation. Consider several options from buying a new control to self-repair.

  1. Not the cheapest way to solve the problem and it will take time to search is to buy the same remote or a universal one suitable for your TV model.
  2. Contact the workshop, which will also come out not cheap.
  3. Self-repair.

Consider self-service

The main reason for one or more buttons of the TV remote control not working is the contamination of the contacts (heels). The easiest way to solve the problem is to disassemble the remote control (this is not difficult) and wipe the contacts of the buttons and the electronic board with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol. However, with this method, the conductive layer is gradually erased, both on the board and on the rubber buttons.

If the conductive layer is thinned or damaged, then it is best to purchase a repair kit (remote control repair kit). Depending on the configuration and manufacturer, its cost can be from 100 to 600 rubles. Some of them include piezo elements, for example, 400 kHz, 480 kHz, 420 kHz, 455 kHz, 465 kHz, 485 kHz, 440 kHz, and 512 kHz. You can buy such a set both in a specialized electronics spare parts store and on the radio market.

Connecting a Bluetooth headset

In Spartan conditions, in the absence of a repair kit, the remote control buttons can be restored by glueing foil to the contact pads of the rubber “mat” using super glue. For these purposes, foil (metallized paper) from a pack of cigarettes is best suited. First of all, check it for electrical conductivity.

You can check the electrical conductivity like this. We cut out a thin strip of such paper narrowed in the centre to 1-1.5 mm, as in the figure, and close the “+” and “-” on the battery, attaching the wide ends with the metal side to the battery contacts. If the paper starts to burn, then it is suitable for this purpose. OTT Apps: Why Is It a Must-Have for an OTT Business?

Keyboard and mouse connection

Using a hole punch or scissors, we prepare even circles and, using glue, glue them onto the contact pads of the rubber buttons, with the foil outward. It should work, but as practice shows, not for long, tk. these mugs may fall off over time or become thinner.

REMOTE CONTROL will be difficult to experience all the benefits of a Smart TV’s built-in browser without a keyboard and mouse connected. It takes courage to type website URLs or search queries using the remote control. Both wired and wireless keyboards may be connected, however using a wireless keyboard is far more convenient.

The majority of smart TVs effortlessly connect to wireless devices that include a USB tiny transceiver. Your TV must have a Bluetooth feature in order to connect a “clean” Bluetooth keyboard or mouse.


Another way to check the operation of the remote control is to use the camera of a mobile phone. After turning on the camera on your mobile phone. Point it at the LED on the remote control and press any button on the remote control. If the TV remote is fixed, then the LED on the phone screen will glow or blink. In this case, it becomes obvious that the matter is in the TV. The TV needs to be repaired, namely the receiving part. However, there is one caveat to this method. Such a test may create a false impression that the remote is working. The LED blinks and the receiving part of the TV do not recognize. The signal due to a faulty quartz piezo resonator in the remote control. “You didn’t have to drop the remote!”


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