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Things To Know Before Relocating To Qatar

You have decided to move abroad and go to Qatar. You have decided correctly as there are serious arguments to relocating to Qatar. First of all, you are welcomed into an expat-friendly environment. Secondly, Qatar is one of the safest countries in the Arabian world. Thirdly, wages are competing with those in western Europe. Fourth and here we come into the business, you live with style as there are plenty of options for apartments for rent in Qatar. They are brand new, beautifully endowed, fulfilling the most exigent conditions of living a quality life.

In this article, we are to provide you with information about living in Qatar, especially about moving into a new house, either rental or owned property.

Qatar is a Safe Country to Live In

Relocating to another country might be a tough decision and choosing Arabian Peninsula may challenge you to analyze and deliberate about safety. Actually, Qatar is one of the safest countries to be in the Arabian World.

Qatar is a Rich Country due to Oil Exploitation

Oil and gas, artificial islands, skyscrapers, luxury all around? Qatar has it all and one derives from another. Actually, Qatar is one of the richest countries in the world, with one of the biggest GDP per capita ($98,800). And it is not us saying this, but the World Bank and some of the most important economical publications.

Qatar’s land is rich in oil and gas, being a major exporter. Actually, over 70% of the country’s revenue is owned by these resources.

Fact! The Pearl- Artificial Island- Is Named After the Traditional Occupation in Qatar

As a fact, Qatar developed immensely due to the oil extraction industry, but this is not a traditional occupation. Qatar was a country where pearl fishing was an important source of income. Actually, the artificial island in Qatar is named The Pearl as that was one of the richest places to be for pearl diving.

Tradition carries on and as a real estate company, we assert that this is the place to be if you are to invest in a property!!

In case you ever look for houses or apartments for sale in Qatar and also to have a good ROI, The Pearl is your place.

Qatar is an Expat Friendly Environment

As the country became richer and richer, the government had the wisdom to attract specialists from all across the world for Qatar to carry on the development. The country was very small at the time of oil discovery and most of the population (fishermen and bedouins) did not cover the expertise for further expansion.

As a fact, now in Qatar most of the inhabitants are ex-pats. In 2017 in Qatar there lived 2.6 million people, 63 nationalities, and only around 200 hundred inhabitants were locals.

Wages Are Competitive

As Qatar invests in know-how, there is a big demand for specialists. According to OnlineQatar, a Finance and Accounting Manager earns between QR30,105 – 41,732, a general health practitioner is paid QR33,972 – QR42,966, or a media or PR manager earns QR27,164 – QR36,547. Interestingly enough, an Information Technology Manager has a monthly salary between QR4 3,436 – QR 57,287. Is there time for Qatar to start discovering the new gold?

Housing in Qatar is the State of Art

Qatar is a brand new country and above all, Qatar is a rich country and this reflects in the opulence and quality of new developments. All the buildings are new, built at international standards in construction and safety. All the apartments are spacious, the facilities are amazing, so are the finishings.

Besides, as the country develops considering internaţională inhabitants and standards. The architectural styles are versatile and mixed to cover both beauty and comfort spirit.

In case you have decided to relocating to Qatar, we are here to give you a helping hand. We can be by your side assisting you to find your future home in Arabian Peninsula!

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