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The best places to buy followers on Tik Tok

Buy TikTok Followers UK

If you don’t have time to devote to gaining followers naturally on TikTok, you can buy them. They won’t be the most interactive followers and they won’t talk much, but your numbers will rise to impressive heights. If you’re the type of user who likes to count numbers, buying TikTok followers may be just the boost you need.

Buy TikTok Followers

If you are considering buying TikTok followers, you are not alone. The websites that sell them are popping up everywhere. Starting at $ 2, you can buy 100 followers. They are delivered in less than a minute and will increase your numbers accordingly. A quick web search shows over 800,000 returns for “buy tiktok followers” and most of them offer to sell them.

Sources include:

Royal Followers UK

RoyalFollowersUK seems to be doing nothing but selling TikTok followers And Likes. That $1 will get you 100 fans while you can buy 3,000 for $ 30. They say fans are “delivered” within 30 seconds and your account won’t get banned. So don’t wait to grow your profile just Buy Tiktok Likes UK and Followers Instantly.


Trollish is another website that sells TikTok followers and is cheaper than TikTok Fame. It sells them for $ 1.74 for 150 up to $ 44.74 for 7,500 fans. This site offers the same features, fast delivery, low chance of accounts getting banned and also 24/7 support


YouMeVirale is another TikTok follower seller. It sells 100 fans for $ 2 up to 1,000 for $ 12. This site takes up to 48 hours to deliver and also offers superior quality fans, whatever that means. This place also offers 24/7 support for customers.


Mr. Insta will sell you 250 TikTok fans for $ 10 up to 20,000 fans for $ 235. You will get “high quality” followers, fast delivery, guaranteed delivery and 24/7 support. This website also shows reviews even if they don’t look real.

TikTok Guru

TikTok Guru is my latest example of where to buy TikTok followers. It sells 100 fans for $ 1.47 up to 7,500 fans for $ 55. They are all “high quality” and delivery takes up to 24 hours. The site also offers 24/7 support.

TechJunkie does not tolerate, support or suggest using these services to purchase TikTok followers. I’m just providing examples of where to buy TikTok followers if you want.

Should You Buy TikTok Followers?

The only real answer to this question is the one you provide to yourself. If you’re planning on making a career as an influence, it might be tempting to buy followers to get started, but there are a few reasons why you shouldn’t.

They are easily identifiable

It’s easy to see if someone’s followers are real or not. Since most merchant accounts are used solely for selling followers and likes and nothing else, there will be no engagement on their part. If you will get your first 1,000 followers and no one says anything, you obviously bought them.

They are banned from TikTok

TikTok and all social networks actively seek and ban accounts used to sell followers or likes. They detract from experience and lower the value of real followers, so networks work hard to root them out. They don’t catch all of them but they do catch enough and if you suddenly see your follower count go down, you’ll know why.

Location, location, location

While it’s not immediately obvious, if you’re an Atlanta food blogger and most of your followers are from India or China, it’s obvious that you bought them. Not everyone will go through each follower to see where they live, but if an agent or brand is interested in you, they sure will. This is a big red flag for anyone looking to invest in a future TikTok star.

Unreasonable growth

Even Lisa and Lena Mantler or Loren Gray won’t gain 1,000 followers overnight. Even if they do, they will be the real ones. If you suddenly go from zero to four digits in a matter of hours, it will be obvious to anyone who comes across your TikTok account that you bought them.

Defeat the object

Finally, and in my opinion most important, it defeats the subject of social media. The whole intent of the social is to be social. Fake followers won’t interact, comment or make TikTok more fun. Only real followers with real engagement will.

If you want to get something out of your time on TikTok, you should do it the old fashioned way. With commitment, creativity and more commitment. The effects will last much longer and you will get a lot more!


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