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Safe Driver in Dubai During Christmas Holidays

Safe Driver in Dubai During Christmas Holidays

Christmas is the busiest time on road in NSW when people are driving across Sydney and suburbs to meet family and friends. It is time to show your experience as a safe driver in Dubai by following speed limits and keep our road safe. Driving Schools and RTA keep educating and alerting people that 40 per cent of fatal accidents happens due to speeding and it is a major concern on Dubai . Last year, there were 10 fatalities in Dubai and nearly 533 people got injured during Christmas Holidays.

Importance of safe driver in Dubai during Holidays

It is important to note that there are nearly 1400 rest areas across Dubai. Drivers should take a break every 2 hours for periodic rests and this will ensure that your family is safe as you will be relaxed while you are on long drive. Make this a habit if you are on long drives. You will see plenty of signs and warnings about STOP, REVIVE & SURVIVE – so please obey it to keep the holiday season safe for you, your family and other commuters. There is a reason why government is putting all these alerts on the roadside. It is for your safety. Double demerits will be in force from Midnight, Thursday 23 December to Midnight Monday, 3 January. Please do not leave your Driving License home.

At On road Driving School while giving Driving Lessons to our students – we always focused on speeding controls, stressing every student to follow RTA rules & regulations and give special tips to new drivers on how to survive from other driver’s mistakes. Our Driving School gives driving lessons in a way that students learn to take their own judgement in critical situations; because when they get their P’s, they are by themselves. So we ensure that they are ready for decision making and can have success in RTA driving test and enjoy their future as a safe driver in Dubai for themselves and others.

Being a Driving Instructor myself, I urge people to consider the following 5 points as they are major factors in serious accidents.

  • Don’t drink & Drive
  • No over-speeding
  • Stop, Revive & Survive – every 2 hours
  • Seatbelts ON – All the time

Watch out for aggressive driver and take responsible steps

Christmas time is for family celebration and let us makes sure that we celebrate and return home safely. We don’t want to be in tears for our own or someone’s mistakes on road which could have easily been avoided if we follow driving basics. I come across many times where people just don’t care about other drivers and boast about their out of the way driving stunts and I tell them that they will be creating serious problems for them and lot many times for others too. So always watch out for those drivers and take responsive steps to avoid any dangerous situation.

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Getting a Proper Driver Education

Nowadays it is not sufficient to just pass a test and obtain a driver’s license; as it is becoming more and more important that a safe driver in Dubai  gets proper education in driving too. A driver’s education will equip the students with the prerequisite skills and knowledge to enable them to be drivers who are safe and responsible. This is because the drivers’ education offers the students the right tools to minimize the risk of accidents to themselves and to other road users.

It is also a good way for parents to ascertain that their children are getting the proper development and a right attitude for them to become safe drivers in the future. These days children as young as those in their teens can get their drivers license and this is talking about teens as young as 14 years old. They are not even mature enough to understand the dangers associated with bad driving habits.

This makes them more vulnerable and at the risk of getting involved in nasty accidents and fatal crashes. Young drivers can benefit profusely from the wisdom and instruction that they get through this program that teaches them how to adopt driving responsibilities and begin to practice them.

Early Learning to develop best driving

Learning early will definitely help the students to develop the best driving habits for life. It is also the best chance for those who want to do refresher course on driving to go ahead and the most beneficial chance to brush up their driving skills every so often. It is a good chance for updating their understanding of road rules.

What can one learn from a good safer driver education program? First of all, you should expect to learn some latest traffic rules for road users. Also you will learn how to take care of your vehicle properly and operate it safely.

You will get to learn the best and safest driving methods like how to keep a safe distance between vehicles all the time. It helps to understand the dangers of drink-driving and the reasons why one should not use a cell phone while driving, and basically it prepares a safe driver in Dubai for any tough situations on the road.

There are many different ways by which a student can get a genuine driver’s education. One is by joining one of the classes that are available in your locality.

It is also possible to get some programs that are offered online via the Internet. Home study is also possible through the correspondence course is another option and this is great as the learner can do it at his own pace and whenever they have free time.

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