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Right To Be Forgotten

Right To Be Forgotten

How do I use the forget-me-right with search engines?

The European Court of Justice has ruled that everyone has the right to be forgotten in the results of search engines such as Google. These are results that are inadequate, irrelevant or no longer relevant, or excessive in relation to the purposes for which they were processed Click here.

  • Remove your data from a search engine

    You can submit a request for deletion of your data to a search engine. Indicate per search result why the page is about you and why the inclusion of this URL as a search result is irrelevant, outdated or otherwise objectionable:

    • Google*
    • Bing*

    The search engine evaluates each request. The right to privacy of the individual is weighed up against the right of the public to have access to certain information. The search engine companies ultimately decide for themselves whether a request will be honored.

    Frequently honored
    requests Requests to remove data that could cause identity fraud or be used for financial transactions are almost always honored. For example, consider:

    • Citizen service number
    • Copy of passport
    • Bank account number
    • Creditcardnummer
    • Photo of signature

    Your request is also more likely to be honor if there is demonstrable abuse of copyright or if information is illegal.

    Note:  The fact that a search engine has ‘forgot’ you does not mean that the information contain in the search engine result  remove from the internet. If you want to have information remove from a specific website, you will need to contact the administrator of that website.
    What is the right to be forgot under the GDPR?

    Individual also have the right to demand that their data be eras if it is no long necessary for the purpose for which it was collect. This is know as the “right to be forgot”.
    Under this rule, they can also require their data to be eras if they have withdrawn their consent to the collection of their data, or object to the way they are being process.

    It is the controller’s responsibility to inform other organizations (e.g. Google) about the removal of links to copies of that data, as well as the copies themselves.

    Remove negative post with the right to be forgot by Google

    Since 2014, Google users have been able to submit a request to ‘forget’ certain search results. This is the result of the European Court’s ruling on the right to forget, also known as the Cotija judgment. The originally American search engine was order by the European Court that it may not continue to process data that is irrelevant, no longer relevant, incorrect or excessive.

    Stephan Mulder has successful invoke this right to be forgot hund of time. If Google rejects the request to remove search results, Stephan Mulders is also the appropriate party to take further steps. Stephan also manages the forgetrecht.eu website . On that website you will find a lot of information about the right to be forgot.

    Yes, you can request that your personal data be eras, for example when the data the company hold about you is no long need or if your data use unlawfully. Personal data provide when you were a child can be delete at any time.

    This right also apply online and is often refer to as the ‘ right to be forgot ‘. In certain circumstance, you can ask company to delete personal data that those company have made available online. Those company are also oblige to make reasonable effort to inform other company (controller) that process the personal data that the data subject has request deletion of link to, or copy of, that personal data.

    Keep in mind that this right is not absolute, which mean that other right, such as freedom of expression and scientific research, are also guaranty.


    Data must be eras

    You have joined a social networking site. After some time, you decide to terminate the membership of that networking site. You have the right to ask the company to delete your personal data.

    Data cannot be eras immediately

    A new bank offers mortgages on good terms. You buy a new house and decide to switch to the new bank. You ask the ‘old’ bank to close all accounts and delete all your personal data. However. The old bank must comply with a law that requires banks to keep all customer data for ten years. The old bank cannot simply delete your personal data. In this case, you can request that the process of your personal data be restrict. The bank may then only keep the data for the legal term and can no longer use it for other processing activities.

    Data must be eras

    If you search for your own name and surname in an online search, you will get a link to a newspaper article. The information in the paper is a few years old and concern a matter — a real estate transaction relate to a debt recovery process — that was settle long ago and is no longer relevant. If you are not a prominent person and your interest in having the article remove outweigh the public interest in access the information, the search engine is require to remove link to the web page with your name and surname from the result Click here.

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