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Plan creative strategies for class 11 with a private tutor

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With the completion of Class 10th exams, students start worrying about 11th class and the career they want to pursue. Students seem excited while entering class 11th and want to enjoy the freedoms like adults. But remember your hard work and dedication can help you get good scores in class 11th, thus it is important to take home tuition classes for class 11 from the beginning to get a good score in the exam.

Why the 11th class is crucial

Class 11th is very important in a student’s life. First of all, the career choice depends on the stream one has opted in class 11th, Science, Commerce, or Arts. After completing your class 12th, you appear for several entrance exams to get admission to different colleges, you will realize that most of the syllabus comes from class 11th only.

Thus students must take class 11th very seriously and take home tuition for the 11th class.

If you are the one looking for effective and valuable study tips on how to study in class 11, then this blog will help you know the best strategies while preparing efficiently for exams.

For Science Stream

There is a lot of difference in the level of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics as compared to the class 10th, thus effective preparation strategy is important.

  • For the students of class 11, planning is very important. The students must divide the subjects into their respective chapters and focus on all the important topics.
  • Study as per the updated syllabus so that you can stay aware of daily or weekly progress.
  • Your main focus must be on quality rather than quantity. One must draw boundaries and focus on quality instead of doing more chapters, focus on the quality.
  • Since, Science is not an easy stream, it requires a lot of dedication and practice. You can take the help of home tuition for 11th class.
  • Give ample time to learn all the subjects rather than focusing on a particular chapter only.
  • Don’t mug up the topics, rather try to understand all the concepts and apply them while solving different kinds of problems.
  • In class 11th, make sure you write every single step in an explanatory way to get good marks in the entrance exams.
  • Focus on the answer, and try to solve the questions within the given time limit.

For Commerce Stream

Commerce is a relatively newer concept and the majority of the subjects included in this are Accounts, Business Studies, and Economics, to name a few. Some effective creative strategies to get a good score in class 11 includes:

  • Make sure you plan and execute things properly. From the very starting, develop the habit of understanding things by studying and know more about the subjects.
  • Main focus must be on the main subjects of commerce and for the same, you can take the help of home tuitions for 11th standard.
  • Some of the subjects like economics and accounts are more concept focused so you must know how to implement the concept to understand it in detail.
  • Make sure you learn all the rules, theories, and procedures of the subjects, and make short notes to quickly revise the concepts.
  • Regular studies and completing the entire Class 11 Syllabus by taking online tuition at home for 11th standard is a win-win situation for all students.
  • Make sure you complete all the projects, assignments, and practicals on time.
  • Post going through all the concepts, do more practical papers on accounts and economics.
  • Business studies is a completely theory-based subject so make sure you understand the story very well. The students must learn all the important functions.
  • Learn Taylor’s and Fayol’s principles in such a way that it remains in your mind for a much longer period of time.

Commerce is one of the high-scoring streams, so some hard work and dedication can help you get a good score on the exam. Whatever you study in your class 11th, make sure you take professional assistance in the form of online tuition for 11th class.

For Arts Stream

Arts or Humanities is also another popular stream and is mostly taken by the students planning to foray into the government sector. Even all the exams like UPSC, SSC, banking, or any bank exam have a general awareness section, the questions of which are asked from the class 11th and 12th Arts stream.

  • NCERT books include all the important concepts and information which students must go through to get a good score on the exam.
  • The students must start with easier chapters first before moving to the difficult ones. If the basics are revised properly, students can easily understand even the most difficult topics.
  • The students are advised to thoroughly study subjects like History, Geography, Political Science, and English, to get a good score in the exam.
  • Read as much as you can while preparing for the Arts subjects. Spare some time to memorize the important historical dates, events, theories, etc.
  • Pen down all the important points and prepare timelines for the events. You can take the help of teachers offering online tuition for class 11 to learn everything quickly. It helps in retaining the information in the brain.

Study Smartly

One of the most common tips for students of different streams is to explore the smart and most effective way of studying rather than cramming up subjects. 

Many students use tricks to memorize the concepts, but there is no need to mug up the subjects regardless of what your stream is. The key to learning is not mugging but rather understanding each and every concept as a concept well-understood retains in our mind for a much longer period of time. You can always take the help of your private tutor for class 11 wherever you feel stuck.

In a nutshell, each and every field needs hard work and dedication. So develop a habit of revising all the concepts daily and read the textbooks carefully. Hence, whatever stream you have opted to study in class 11th, you can always take the help of Ziyyara’s teachers offering private tuition classes for class 11 while preparing for the exam.

If you have completed your class 10th and are looking for some expert assistance in class 11, get in touch with the subject-wise experts at online tutoring sites for class 11. We’ll provide you with the much-required guidance and support for a futuristic career ahead.

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